Uncharted 5 Wouldn't Need A New Nathan Drake, Nolan North Says He's 'Ready To Suit Up'

If Sony decided to make an Uncharted 5, Nolan North would be on board. The actor behind Nathan Drake laid out his thoughts on the future of the adventuresome franchise - including its still uncertain film adaptation - in our rapid-fire video interview. I've transcribed that bit if you're impatient, but watch the whole thing if you can. North is an interesting guy.

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-Foxtrot724d ago

I wouldn't want an Uncharted 5 but I had some issues with Uncharted 4s story, compared to the others, including the multiplayer so I wouldn't mind seeing another one as long as it has Sully, Elena in it from the very beginning and also features Chloe, Charlie and possibly Rikka in some form. I won't go into it, that's not what the article is about and it saves arguments but it was still a great game regardless.

I know people like to talk about his daughter getting her own game but Nathan Drake is Uncharted to me, daughter or not.

""And that's why I think the things about the films are always questionable. Because I'm an on-camera actor but possibly too old? But then they talk about Mark Wahlberg, who's about my age, and it's a complex situation."

I think he's earned himself a chance from Sony in my opinion. I think if they can take Drakes Fortune script and tweak it a little to make in a 2 hour movie experience then they should let him play the character. Yeah so this Nathan Drake in the film Universe is older but who cares it's about the experience and as long as he's great in the role then his age/looks shouldn't bother people. Just get the big villains and cameos played by big Hollywood stars so they can market the movie with them and BAM...done.

phantomexe724d ago

Uncharted why i picked up a ps3 and then 4. Was preety much a nintendo guy before that. I'd get my brother xbox for AC from time to time. Really don't want to see uncharted end. It been the staple to getting me to try other sony IPs. Uncharted is sonys crown jewel much like zelda or mario is to nintendo or halo to ms imo. Can't buy all consules so i'd kind of like to know is it really the end?

Aloy-Boyfriend724d ago

Let it go Nolan!
Uncharted has had its run. Let Naughty Dog bring their new IP of this gen already.

ninsigma724d ago

I met and chatted with the guy and Uncharted really means a lot to him so I'm not surprised that he'd be up for another one. However I'd be in agreement with you that Uncharted has had its run. Too much of a good thing will ruin it. It closed off nicely and I came away satisfied.

gtxgamer2724d ago

Maybe in the future we can see old Drake treasure hunting with his daughter(Lara croft, lol jk)

Benoski724d ago

Please. No more Uncharted with Drake.

UC4 ended his story perfectly!

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