Under 100k copies of Street Fighter V were shipped (incl dig) from April to September

According to Capcom's financial reports less than 100k units of Street Fighter V were shipped on the whole semester (that's from April 1st to September 30th), it shows it's LTD as 1.4m which is the same exact number they gave back in May.

This includes physical copies sold to stores and digital copies sold through PSN/Steam, both combined ammount to less than 100k units.

gangsta_red2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Well that's what happens when you rush a product out that's been money-hatted, cut off half their user base by making it exclusive, stick a ton of over-priced microtransactions, create unappealing new characters and limit or don't include modes.

Just a very mediocre entry in the series.

KI and KoF(which has its issues but) I have a lot more fun playing those games than I do SFV.

darthv722675d ago

It makes you wonder if it was worth it to Capcom to exclude other platforms for the sake of rushing it to market? Did Sony get their $$ back or are Capcom still paying on it?

One thing is for sure, MS would not have limited the scope of this game. It's not their style when they opt to pay for exclusivity. It is usually only for a period of time.

LordMaim2675d ago

Quantum Break's 250k sales across all platforms would say otherwise.

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thejigisup2675d ago

That's definitely not for sure. Hopefully capcom learns from this so that any future products they release are completed experiences.

_-EDMIX-_2675d ago

Worth it? Do you seriously think this company even has the money to be bringing all their major games to all major platforms? Have you forgotten that Microsoft and Nintendo are also paying for several of their titles?

My personal opinion is that cop car needs to become a bit more conservative and start only releasing games on two platforms either PlayStation 4 Xbox One or PC and Playstation 4.

This company only got in this terrible financial situation when they essentially began trying to mimic Electronic Arts and Activision and other big third-party companies the reality is Electronic Arts and Activision can afford to do those type of things Capcom can not if you look at the releases last generation their best-selling game is nowhere near Electronic Arts or even Ubisoft or Activision's mid-tier games yet they're spending budget equivalent to what you might see from something like an Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty without even getting the same type of results.

I like to this company from back in the day and part of me still like them but you have to detach yourself and really look at the simple math to figure out that this company can't continue like this if they're not getting the results so I don't really believe they have the money to keep risking these huge multi-platform releases especially if they're not getting the same type of sales.

They either need to go conservative and start creating games on one or two platforms or they need to start lowering the budget of many of their games.

LordMaim2675d ago

@Doctor_MG: Admonishing me for making up figures while simultaneously using VGChartz "estimates" is a logical gaffe of Trumpian proportions.

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LordMaim2674d ago

@Doctor_MG: On Quantum Break, in fact I do think that sales did "stop", or dry up to the point of statistical insignificance.

"highest sales figures in the first week for any new IP they've launched this generation" - Let's unpack that statement. You realize that excludes almost every other game Microsoft Studios has published this generation? That means that QB outsold Ori and the Blind Forest, Kalimba!, ReCore, Ryse, Project Spark and State of Decay, and I can absolutely believe that. That doesn't make the game, or its sales good. It certainly isn't as good as Alan Wake. They should have just done the sequel instead.

It sold so well on PC it still took people six months to discover the Windows 10 version had a FRAPS watermark in a cinematic. Obviously not a lot of people playing it.

Back to the original point, MS paid Remedy for QB exclusivity and it certainly didn't do it any favors. Especially considering the Capcom deal Darth was questioning above had SFV selling 7 times as many copies of the game as Quantum Break did in the same time frame.

Aloy-Boyfriend2674d ago

It is not their style? Really? Lol desilucional at best

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darthv722674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

@lord... "MS paid Remedy for QB exclusivity and it certainly didn't do it any favors." Seems you don't understand how these things work. Remedy is the developer and MS is the publisher. So what they paid for was the development and publishing rights of the game. In the case of SFV... Capcom is the developer AND the publisher and what Sony paid for was to keep the game off the xbox.

Capcom wants people to think the game would not have been made without sony $$ but get real. It's fricken street fighter. Their most profitable fighting franchise. it was going to be made regardless. Now it begs the question... what happened to Deep down that Capcom was supposed to be making for Sony?

When it comes to MS paying Capcom, yeah they paid and published Dead Rising 3 and helped to fund the development of DR4 but they aren't paying to publish it which means they aren't paying to keep it off other systems hence why it is coming to the PS4 and XB1 and PC.

morganfell2674d ago

We were not aware that you have been sitting in Capcom's boardroom and know what they would and would not have done with Streetfighter. You can postulate all you want but you do not have an inkling of fact to back up your remarks. There is what you want to be true - something negative about the Sony deal - and then there are the things to which you are not privy called actual events.

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morganfell2674d ago

You really should read my posts more closely. Perhaps that is asking too much of you...

rainslacker2674d ago

"One thing is for sure, MS would not have limited the scope of this game"

Are you sure about that? The limited scope seemed more for getting it out in time for tournaments that year. MS couldn't have increased the scope. They seemed more than willing to release a limited scope KI game....so where is your actual back up for your argument?

Afraid this was likely more a Capcom decision than a Sony decision, and I doubt it'd be any different under MS.

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darthv722674d ago

@rain, sorry, maybe I should have said limited reach. Meaning they would not have tried to exclude PS4 like Sony did for xbox. MS would likely have had some sort of timed exclusivity or xbox specific features but they wouldnt cut off another platform out of spite or fear of fair competition.

Bottom line is Sony paid, capcom delivered an unfinished product and sony should be pissed at the whole deal. Maybe that is why Deep down has been stuck in limbo. Sony doesnt want a repeat of paying for an unfinished product. No mans sky and SFV are making them second guess their pay to play strategy.

LordMaim2674d ago

@Doctor_MG: My original argument was that Quantum Break sold poorly, and your accusation about "falsified statistics" is not correct, and not appreciated. So let's instead use *your* statistic, so that you can't fling accusations instead of dealing with facts. You say that in June Quantum Break had sold 180k. Do you feel that 180k sales in the first two months of a high profile AAA game's launch is a lot?

Yes, Ryse sold 1.3 million. What about it? The only reason Ryse even entered this conversation was to provide context by providing the list of software that "any new IP" statement applied to.

@darthv72: "(MS) wouldnt cut off another platform out of spite or fear of fair competition. " Literally what they did with Quantum Break.

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-Foxtrot2675d ago

Yeah it shouldn't have been an exclusive but I don't think that was the main problem like many people will make out it was just barebones and lacked content compared to past games. I don't care about DLC, paid or free you should make a complete game.

Automatic792674d ago


Please do not damage control this mess of a deal. StreetFighter had the best support from Xbox players not to mention the game was across the board number one on Evo Circuits due to Xbox 360 players. This goes to show you can have 40 million install base and still not move units.

TFJWM2674d ago

@MichaelLito79 Where do you see that Xbox 360 had more sales for SFIV than PS3?

Pretty sure PS3 version outsold 360 by a large margin

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Mikefizzled2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

I think he is mixing up that the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter IV was the tournament standard. Hell, they tried to move to PS4 for USF IV and ended up playing on 360 again. According to the ever-controversial VGChartz, PS3 version sold 1.2m more copies of original SF4. (4.19m vs 2.95m)

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Hoffmann2675d ago

Would recommend you also Guilty Gear Xrd /Revelator.

gangsta_red2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

I love Guilty Gear Xrd, but I am especially horrible online in that game. Still a very fun game.

DarXyde2674d ago

Only a few days until Central Fiction hits too. :0)

_-EDMIX-_2675d ago

As opposed to what? It never releasing? I agree that it sucks that the game was rushed but I can't seriously blame its quality based on it being exclusive to any series of platforms because as of right now this company is literally on the brink of going out of business and they can't even afford to develop many games consider that Sony Microsoft and Nintendo are all flipping the bill for numerous projects that this company is working on, so I don't entirely believe that it's quality has much to do with Sony paying for it no different than Microsoft or Nintendo paying for some of their games.

It's rushed quality has more to do with Capcoms current state

gangsta_red2674d ago

And I'm not entirely sure where you got that Sony paying for it had anything to do with the quality...

It was rush job that was paid for by Sony, is about the extent of Sony's involvement related to my comment.

And I don't believe Capcom is on the brink of going out of business. They may be struggling but not as bad as you keep making them out to be or no different than any other Japanese company with problems.

_-EDMIX-_2674d ago

@gred- be that as it may, their financial situation is still pretty serious.


Didn't you think it was strange that they're one of the very few companies that has Sony Microsoft and Nintendo flipping the bill for some of their projects?

butchertroll2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Money-hatted? Dude, SFV wasn't even in development before Sony involvement. Capcom didn't have enough money for development. Sony offered a help then. Do some research before spew some shit, will ya.

Capcon killed SFV from very start. Launch a game with barely any content in core game automatically means game is dead on arrival.

gangsta_red2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

SFV was in development because Sony stepped in and poured money on Capcom's desk. Or are you going to point me to a link where Ono said Capcom hasn't given him a budget for the game? Because he didn't need a budget, Sony covered the bill.

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butchertroll2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Quote :

SFV was in development


IT WAS NOT! Capcom didn't have the money for development.


Dude, you asked me to provide some link, but you talking out of your ass. As i said, do some research before spew some shit.

gangsta_red2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

I knew you would pull that article out (just as I predicted in my first reply to you), as most of you who pretend to know shit do.

You truly believe that he would let the cat out of the bag about a SFV? Especially with Ultra SFIV about to drop?

Oh and in that same article he says:

"No plans are in place right now to bring the update to next-generation consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U)"

Didn't SFIV come out for PS4? Didn't he say he didn't have any plans then to bring it? Could it be that they were already working on it and also meant for it to be another special reveal...too far fetched?

Remember how Sony/Ono were surprised when SFV was leaked early before the Sony event? You really believe he would just ruin a reveal years earlier on a tweet?


"SFV was in development because Sony stepped in and poured money on Capcom's desk."

If you're going to quote something you should at least put the whole thing.


Looks like Dimps was working on a secret fighting game a year later from your post. It turns out that it was SFV, I wonder why they never announced it in that article?

Nu2674d ago

I'm waiting for Tekken 7

butchertroll2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

YEAR LATER, dude! Year later! Of course Sony offered a help to Capcom to START SFV development year later. Before that IT WAS NOT IN DEVELOPMENT. Stop talking out of your ass.

Nice try, gangsta, nice try!

gangsta_red2674d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Sure, let's not even take into account pre-production, concept and development...

Capcom already had anoth