Top 10 games that break the 4th wall

"Players usually remain safe and separate from the games they are playing. They are free to wreak havoc and violence in their digital world with no consequences. It’s a safety barrier that creates a comfortable level of escapism that most games share. Shatter that safety barrier and you create a sense of immersion that can be powerful, emotional, and sometimes unsettling."

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trouble_bubble2794d ago

Honourable mention to PT for making me think my console was haunted lol. Remember the reboot to main menu and debug screens? Even the pause menu had a hidden clue in it.


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Agent7594d ago

I’d have taken a few of those out. Prefer Sonic over Sonic 2. Outrun should be in there. Maybe even Pong as millions of people had fun with that even if it was repetitive. Final Fight pipped any Streets of Rage game, although Streets of Rage had the better soundtrack. Too many to list l guess. To me, retro gaming is the 1980s, maybe going into early 1990s.

Popsicle94d ago

Agree that the generational gap is too broad to really make a strong list. Need to tighten the years a bit. Hard to compare Pac Man with N64 games.