Sony Not Helping Themselves With PS4 Pro, Slim & VR Splitting The Market, Says Analyst

The market is currently being drenched with new technology, and all of it makes one wonder if PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and PSVR are over saturating the market.

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darthv722819d ago

They are covering all the bases. Slim for the low end, pro for the high end and VR for both. This isn't like the days when Sega had the genesis, sega cd, 32x, game gear AND saturn all on the shelf at the same time. That was a case of saturation right there.

DarkHeroZX2819d ago

Honestly everything Sony has going appeals to people on different budgets.

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Cindy-rella2819d ago

Gamers are helping sony by buying sonys products because they sell quality.

KakashiHotake2819d ago

Exactly, they're offering a little something for everyone.

JackBNimble2819d ago

I have bought one of the 3 options that Sony has offered. Seriously can't see how any of this is a bad thing.
Options and choices... Right?

miyamoto2819d ago

The more choices to play is the better

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Chevalier2819d ago

Also VR came out October and is sold out in most places so is currently not a factor till it gets restocked. In the mean time they have the Pro launching a month after VR. So it's nice and spread out.

S2Killinit2819d ago

they are helping me though, as a consumer, I'm loving the options. I've got the PSVR (and soon Pro) for the holidays! (: happy camper here.

Death2819d ago

I'm not sure what options you are exercising by buying everything. It's $1200 in hardware in the span of 3 years. If Sony releases a PS5 in 2018 it would be closer to $1600+ in 5 years. I don't mind paying well over $1000, but when the best games this gen have been arcade and remasters I have to wonder why we bought any hardware at all. Keep in mind this is just Sony, if you buy multiple platforms it's multiplied by 2 or 3. To a degree I believe that Sony is saturating the market. The appeal of PS4Pro will be by current PS4 owners. I don't believe the mass market or casuals will be jumping on the PS4Pro, they might be more inclined to pick up a PS4 at the lower MSRP, but the fact it's "old" tech might persuade them to wait for Pro pricing to come down. It's a sales model we haven't seen since the Sega days and that didn't go well. Maybe Sony can pull it off.

S2Killinit2819d ago

I'm talking about the option to upgrade to a PS4 Pro, and having the option to play VR games on PSVR. Its pretty simple. If you don't like it you don't have to get it. That's an option. Your concern is betrayed by your history. So I'm not surprised.

Death2819d ago

I'm not concerned, I'm commenting on an article in which I agree with the author. Having hardware releases this close to launch has never been done before. Sony released the slim, Pro and PSVR pretty much at the same time and within three years of the PS4's launch. This is something that has never been done and goes against what we have traditionally seen.

S2Killinit2819d ago

Let me tell you. what will divide the consumer base is when scorpio arrives and its the only xbox sku that does VR THAT wont be an option, it will be a division. And since VR is exclusive to it, you could say that anyone who biught an xbox was left behind. That has NEVER happened before, to leave your consumer base behind after 4 years.

darthv722818d ago

I think it wont be that big of an issue. When sony released the improved PSP 2000 that had double the memory, tv out and a few other improvements... the PSP install base was around 20 million. The 2000 went on to eclipse the 1000 as people upgraded as well as first time buyers.

so if scorpio represents a significant improvement then i can see it doing a similar approach with people upgrading (as many say they will do with a P4P) but also new comers to xbox will go for that one as opposed to the XB1S.

the only ones who buy the entry level are those who dont know there is a difference or arent really interested in investing in a better system... aka just buying the cheaper one for their kids to get their feet wet.

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DarXyde2819d ago

I think a simpler way to say it is that the market can't be over saturated if there's something for everyone and it's supported equally. This does not at all split the market.

rainslacker2819d ago

So long as the games work across both, it won't split the market.

VR is it's own thing, which doesn't remove the PS4 market at all. It just adds in another element to the overall PS market.

Slim itself is just a new model of PS4, nothing really new overall for the end user so it's not splitting anything. PS4P can play enhanced versions of stock PS4 games.

Sony sells hardware and software either way if people jump in. Those with the PS4, aren't removing themselves for jumping into PSVR immediately or down the road or never.

GamingIVfun2819d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

PS4 slim and PS4 pro play the same games and PS VR is an optional add on (not unlike Kinect was for Xbox 360) I don't see the problem at all.

I remember talk of Sony having to many PS4 bundles available at the same time, but nobody says any thing about the number of Xbox One and Xbox S bundles on the market at the same time, between the two their is 12 plus different bundle (still have bundle from last Christmas available) on the market at varying prices, varying size hard drives and different games. Nobody thinks that is a problem. Plus the Xbox One S can do 4k up scaling and video playback but the regular Xbox One can't.

DefenderOfDoom22819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Reply to Darth's first bubble>> And, it was also a nightmare for the developers making games for SEGA back then . That is why i waited and bought the SONY PLAYSTATION (PSX) in 1995. I just had a good feeling, from the failure's of SEGA putting to much hardware around the same time, that SONY was going to have good relationship with the video game publishers and developers . I do not think that SONY will have that problem today .

I am really interested on how many units SONY VR will sell in the next 3 to 6 months .

NXSwitch2819d ago

No they are confusing people. Sony is in the red & they are losing their ground/mind. ''Out with the S & back track to M in the alphabets to get your gaming fix on''!

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Red_Renegade2819d ago

so you're just as wrong, then. sounds about right.

k2d2819d ago

Funny thing, with these fortune to..-analysts. They tell you what they think you want/need to hear.

Give the raw data and I'll draw my own conclusions.

EverydayJoe2819d ago

Until next year when MS does the exact same thing. Then it will be brilliant. Right?

BossBattle2819d ago

MS won't be releasing three console devices at once

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343_Guilty_Spark2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

They have:

Low end - Xbox One S
High end - Scorpio
Variable but likely also High - W10 PC

Their games work on all three

Also have open door policy on Vr

Backward compatibility with 360

Live is still much better than PSN even though they now cost the same.

So lets see more open policy vs Restrictive Sony policy

Better online communities and new integrated Beam service plus Lets find a gamer and Arenas

Better online service that costs the same as PSN


So we are going to ignore that uncharted 4...I said Uncharted 4 is the best game on PS4? OH AND whats that other sequel... GOD OF WAR 4