Don't Count Out An Xbox 360 Wireless Guitar Yet

Guitar Hero II is coming out in March, and people are really excited about this huge title coming to the Xbox 360. But one thing that Xbox 360 owners are wondering is why Microsoft is being so hard headed and not allowing Red Octane to make a wireless guitar controller since the Xbox 360 is so keen on making everything wireless.

Well, wired caught up with a Red Octane employee at CES and they revealed that they're not giving up on the idea of having a wireless Xbox 360 guitar controller.

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blackmagic5231d ago

Wow, this guy needs to be moved to the PR team.

Mikey_Gee5231d ago

... if it was wireless ... BUT ... that will not stop me. This game is a want for me for quite some time.

A breakout extention or a USB extention and I am good to go.

Mikey_Gee5231d ago (Edited 5231d ago )

That stupid site error is killing me

Mikey_Gee5231d ago (Edited 5231d ago )

.. Man, we need to get that site error fixed. Maybe it is NetScape

OC_MurphysLaw5231d ago

I get what MS is doing with the peripheral community. They have kept their code secret for the wireless side in order to more or less force users for atleast the first year or two of the consoles life to buy their controllers if they want wireless. I think they saw with the orignal xbox that 3rd party vendors made better, cheaper controllers that really took sales away from their controllers. So by not allowing 3rd parties to "officially" make a wireless controller a vast, vast majority of us will stick to the 360's wireless controllers.

Plainly put..this is the one area of MS's strategy that pisses me off. I get it...but I dont' like it. This game is gonna be great...but if we have a wired controller for it....well hell the PS2 version will actually be superior if only for the reason that they have a wireless controller. MS should drop this ideology and let 3rd party support really flow. It will greatly help the perception of support and popularity of the system on a whole...and it would make me happy. lol.... Not too mention we would see a Logitech "wireless" wheel for the 360 finally...I can't believe that all the racing wheels are wired except for the MS one...just ridiculous.

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