Square Enix Online Store Offers Up to 83 Percent Discount in Spooky Sale

Square Enix has today launched a spooky sale on its online store, just in time for Halloween. The deals aren't limited to horror titles, however, with users being offered up to 50 percent off digital and 83 percent off some physical titles.

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derkasan746d ago

If you don't feel like waiting, 1.5 and 2.5 at $10 a pop isn't a bad deal.

LAWSON72746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

Life is Strange is free for pc (looks like it anyway)

Billybobjoey745d ago

From what I remember they made Episode 1 free on all platforms.

LAWSON72745d ago

It does not say just episode 1 so I am assuming full game

Sephiroushin745d ago

The picture of the free one says Episode 1 while the one thats $10 says complete season

r3f1cul745d ago

so let me get this straight ... tomb raider is 15.... but tomb raider, sleeping dogs and just cause is also 15 ... da fuq??? why would anyone not get the triple pack... makes no sense, even if i never played or even absolutely despised the other 2 games i would get the triple pack... square as usual making just about no sense lol

DivineAssault 745d ago

Tomb raider 2 on PS4 is only a few bucks off.. Im still going to wait it out until its cheaper