The Xbox 360 Should Win this Console War

For a while, it has been said that Microsoft needs to find a way to attract more customers and bring more people on-board. The first step was to lower the price of the Xbox 360 all over the world to increase its value to consumers and finally make it an ideal solution for customers.

Just one day after writing that here on The Digital Home, Microsoft did just that. And according to its own internal figures, Xbox 360 sales over the weekend subsequent to its announcement of the price cut were six times higher than sales over the previous weekend.

From the beginning, the Xbox 360 had the kind of potential the other consoles simply didn't. Sure, the Wii is selling well and there's no sign of it slowing down, and finally the Playstation 3 is catching up to the rest of the pack, but Microsoft has an advantage aside from online gameplay now that it has taken the pricing lead from Nintendo.

The biggest barrier to entry for many consumers in the video game space is price. Because of that, millions of consumers needed to decide which console they prefer based on their budget. Since the Wii was released, those choosing with their wallets picked the Wii. But now, they can pick up the more powerful console at even more affordable price.

The Playstation 3 is an entirely different story altogether. That console is more costly than its competitors and has the kind of third-party support Nintendo could only dream of. But when it's compared to the Xbox 360, it is an over-priced behemoth that fails on too many levels to make it an attractive buy at the store.

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Jamie Foxx5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

i should rob a bank
i should buy a 360

should,should should..... what a crap article,IF PRICE DETERMINED THE CONSOLE WAR THE PS3 WOULD BE DEAD BY NOW, quality hardware,games and potential will determine who sells more

Jamie Foxx5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

ladies and gentlemen you have just now witnessed desperation at its finest

sonarus5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

hahaha exactly...lets not forget who owns cnet...thats the only explanation for this article. 360 sales continually decline but it doesn't matter cus they will win in the end LMFAO

[email protected] number 8 closest [email protected] 37 LMFAO 360 FTW

This is EXACTLY what they said with EU price drop and they are last there now. 199 magical price point hahaha. @this price point consoles buy themselves lol

eagle215311d ago

The 360 is the most expensive console on the market. Consumers are not that stupid.

Le-mo5311d ago

Having the lowest price point don't mean you win the console war. Take a look at the previous generations, the Dreamcast and the Gamecube were the cheapest consoles on the market at the time and both sold the least. Of course reducing the price will attract more customers, but other factors have to be taken into consideration. For example, quality, games, and value. Hell if pricing was everything then the PS2 should still be selling loads of hardwares.

Sure the 360 is winning in the game department at the moment, but looking at future exclusives the PS3 will soon take that crown. Obviously the 360 doesn't have the hardware quality nor the value. And the Wii? Well...the Wii is the Wii. The damn thing sells itself.

On the other hand, it is really low of CNET to write such a flamebait article. Let the console war plays itself out.

JBaby3435311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

Sales increase after a price drop and now the 360 will "win" the console war? I don't think the effect will last long enough to secure it a win. The PS3 has too much momentum and will only increase with the games coming out. The price drop also hasn't even brought sales close to the Wii so I don't think it will "win" anything for the 360.

At this point all consoles have a large enough install base that developers will not be turned away by lack of sales numbers so really the companies themselves are the only ones that care.

Also, the PS3 is not "failing" in anything.

Anton Chigurh5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

@ above

the xbox 360 got

1. best games
2. best online service
3. 3 year warranty if you have any problem

the ps3 got

1. free online
2. good games but the 360 got better

the xbox deserve to win in this generation for reasons I mentioned above and the achievement system is simply brilliant I like it and it gives more value to the game

@ Murk


best games-2007 stop living in the past "

by using your logic the games that released in 2007 were deleted or Wiped off the Face of the Earth in 2008 ????


MURKERR5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )


best games-2007 stop living in the past

3 year warranty-well hell yeh you all need it

best online- till home comes out

jmare5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

"the xbox 360 got

1. best games (Subjective. Based on opinion and personal tatses)
2. best online service (See above)
3. 3 year warranty if you have a problem (Change if to when)

the ps3 got

1. free online
2. good games but the 360 got better (Subjective. Based on opinion and personal tatses. Also, it's has)

the xbox deserve to win in this generation for reasons I mentioned above and the achievement system is simple brilliant I like it and it gives more value to the game (Subjective. Based on opinion and personal tatses.)"

Thanks for sharing.

ruibing5311d ago

This Don Reisinger guy makes nothing but flamebaits on CNET. He's always been pretty much anti-Sony/PS3 and anti-Apple.

mikeslemonade5311d ago

Why should a system that has primarily only shooters and with the worst reliability issues win this generation? Wait 2 years later and see how the 360 is really not that innovative and really nothing ground breaking, and also it isn't doing anything to expand audience besides price and the pathetic Rare 1st party developer.

eagle215311d ago

He defended Vista. The RROD. Pure fail. :)

Genesis55311d ago

The promblem the 360 faces is it's own reputation on the market. With all the news about it's hardware issues(and it's not just on gaming sites). It has been saddled with reputation that it's hardware is not reliable. Once your reputation is damaged like that, it's really hard to shake.

jaysquared5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

Funny you say that because the console that you root for(PS3) has a bunch of shooters as well.. MGS4, Warhawk, COD4, KZ2, Resistance 1 and 2.. And guess which console this generation has more RPG/JRPG?

And you guys keep talking about the realibility of the 360, which has gotten better and is covered by a 3 year warranty for RROD, but the original PS2 was probably as bad and Sony didn't do crap about the problem it had!

RemmM5311d ago

*puts on his flame suit*

CrazzyMan5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

There are only those, who can make BIG profit and who not.

I mean, come on, if 20 mln. people bough console, is that bad? 20 000 000 people.

About the price, don`t forget, that you get what you pay for. The Quality, the Brand name also COST.
Anyway, i wouldn`t mind to have a lower price for PS3 here in Europe.) I bet, pricecut will come in 2009.
Well, early adopters just pay more, because they can enjoy earlier.
Don`t worry, PS3 definitely will go to 299$/€ price.

p.s. PS3 is only 1,8 year on the market.

season0075311d ago

Whenever someone supporting PS3 brings up more diverse games library, Xbox360 supporters will bring up more JRPG

ALRIGHT, JRPG, is the current gen gaming consist of ONLY JRPG and T/FP Shooters? No! There are a lot of genres and if you guys are talking about things like xbox360 get RPG so it is more diverse, you fail...

Just think about games on the PS3, Eye of Judgment, The Last Guy, Echochrome, Everybody's Golf, Afrika, LBP..i can't even name them all, these exclusives show diversity, NOT JUST SHOOTER or RPG...if out of 10 genres , PS3 got 8, while Xbox360 got 6, PS3 win, I doesn't matter if the 8 do not include JRPG while the 6 genres Xbox360 got is with JRPG...

and yes i personally don't play much JRPG whatsoever...but i still respect it being one of the tastes in gaming, while all you so-called xbox360 supporters are ignoring other tastes provided by the PlayStation 3

iHEARTboobs5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

I liked you in No Country For Old Men, but you're not cutting it here, buddy.

"the xbox 360 got

1. best games
2. best online service
3. 3 year warranty if you have any problem "

1. Always subjective BUT i really like PS3's current lineup and their future lineup looks even better
2. Also subjective but i'm more than happy with my free PSN and i'm sure HOME wont hurt one bit
3. 3 year warranty because there is a problem

COD4 is multi-plat
MGS4 = Tactical Stealth Espionage, not a shooter (great game though)

Ateanboy5311d ago


Everyone knows the PS3 is the more technologically superior of the two!

Is it a behemoth like the article said? HELL yea. The PS3 is a BEAST!!!

This guy is just an asshole... These losers at ALWAYS say the same nonsense.

Well, you know what? MONEY TALKS!!!

If the PS3 is more expensive than the Xbox 360, that's just because it's a superior machine.

But me? I don't settle for mediocrity. If I don't have enough money to buy a PS3 this christmas, I'm going to wait and continue saving up my money until I DO have enough money for a PS3.

Because if I buy something, I wanna buy the best, NOT the next best thing.

I won't settle for mediocrity, I won't settle for an Xbox 360. Yall cheap sh*ts can buy as many Xbox 360s as yall want.

But I want the best gaming console on the market. And that console is the PS3.

bunbun7775311d ago

"but the original PS2 was probably as bad and Sony didn't do crap about the problem it had! "

Probably!!?? Were you playing games when the PS2 was out? Could you not afford to, or were you too busy? There was no where near the amount of failures on the PS2!! This insane thinking is the fuel for ridiculous, ignorant, and shallow presumptions- fanboy be gone!

cmrbe5311d ago

that some people think that 199 is the magic number that will automatically sell consoles to the masses. People seem to forget about GameCube which actually reached 199 before PS2 and yet it didn't win why?.

1. Game cube didn't have the 100 million PS1 fanbase to rely on.
2. Game Cube didn't have the PS games that the majority of gamers were waiting for.
3. Game Cube did not have a PS logo on it.

If you look at the x360. Its almost exactly the same as the game cube was last gen.

The Majority of PS2 owners are waiting for the right time to buy a PS3. When the PS3 hits 199 or 250 this gen with GOW3,FF13,GT5 as well as loads of other casual and niche market games are out. You will really see the PS3 sprint like boltz past competition just like the PS2 did last gen when it hit 199 with FF10,MGS2,GT3 out.

pumpkinpunker5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

That's why I bought one.

The PS3 is missing the best rpg of this console generation, Mass Effect. The PS3 is missing the best FPS of this console generation, Halo 3. The PS3 is missing the best third person shooter of this console generation, Gears of War. The PS3 is missing the best online service of this console generation, Xbox Live. Need I go on? Heck, if I owned a PS3 I would still be waiting to play Bioshock. It's unacceptable.

All the PS3 has is MGS4 and one game alone is just not worth it.

PS3 is over-priced garbage and the only reason this website is overrun by Sony fanboys is because they spent $400 on a blu-ray player and are prepared to defend their decision until death.

If I wanted a blu-ray player then I would do the smart thing and buy a $200 player on Amazon.

ukilnme5311d ago

@ Ateanboy

That is right, money talks and some people choose to buy the 360. The rest of your comment is completely subjective, just as mine will be. I have all three systems. By no means is the 360 a mediocre machine. There is no way you will be able to convince the millions that enjoy gaming on the 360 that they are settling for mediocrity.

iHEARTboobs5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

"PS3 is over-priced garbage and the only reason this website is overrun by Sony fanboys is because they spent $400 on a blu-ray player and are prepared to defend their decision until death.
If I wanted a blu-ray player then I would do the smart thing and buy a $200 player on Amazon. "

Overrun by Sony fanboys? Perhaps, but the 360 fanboys were out a lot more last year when it was "safer" for them. Now, it's mostly good news for the PS3 and all of a sudden they get quieter. My PS3 is a great Blu-ray player and gaming machine. If you think the PS3 ONLY has MGS4 then you're a fool. The PS3 has been outselling the 360 in the US and worldwide this year. Is it only because of Blu-ray and MGS4? HIGHLY doubt it. When I bought my PS3 i thought about the past, present and future. At the time it had some of the games i wanted to play and looking at past Playstations i knew there would be plenty more to play in the future. So i bought it and haven't regretted it one bit ever since.

waltercross5311d ago

How do you figure that all the PS3 has is MGS4?
Is this one of those "The PS3 has no games" comments?

How the heck do you explain the Hundreds of PS3 Games
currently available?, to me your comment sounds very
Fan boyish.

madmike5311d ago

the xbox360 and wii will win this war you started in third place and you will finish in third place play beyond

Freckler5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

The guy is right, 360 is the console to own. The PS3 is an utter failure in my eyes, because it hasn't lived up to what was promised pre-launch. I think Sony should have their a**es thoroughly sued for the bold face lies they told(and showed) about the PS3's "power".

You are absolutely right, the 360 has better games and a helluva lot more of them.

I find it comically pathetic that anyone would disagree with you, while knowing that they lieing their a** off.

iHEARTboobs5311d ago

You're a moron, i wonder why i haven't placed you on the ignore list yet. Anyhow, of course the 360 has more games, IT WAS OUT A YEAR EARLIER! You think Sony should be sued because of the power you don't think the PS3 has? What power is that? Look at Uncharted, MGS4, Killzone 2, and Heavy Rain. You might not like them but they are certainly amazing to look at. So what power is lacking there? How about MS not getting sued for the RROD? People have been saying that they knew about their faulty hardware and still shipped it out. What about suing them? Oh that's ok though right? They gave you an extended warranty after a year or so, right? Lets overlook that.

tplarkin75311d ago

The article is an intelligent analysis of the current sales trends. We're not supposed talk about sales?

sumfood4u5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

A game they should really look into is this Bad~A$$ Videogame.
DragonBall Z FTW.

SL1M DADDY5311d ago

After turn 2 of 10 is pathetic. We have a few years left and as we know, this is not a sprint, it is a long haul and MS's smack talk reeks of silliness.

Liquid_Ocelot5311d ago

I laughed @ this like crazy, honestly

here we go, on my 1st day. lets hit the 2bubble mark xD

uie4rhig5310d ago

man.. im laughing soo hard currently, its proper hard writing this message lol.. this article = FAIL!!! those who say xbox 360 is gay = FAIL!!! those who say PS3 is gay = FAIL!!! those who say Wii is gay = FAIL!!!

same for those who x console should win = FAIL!!!

if its about should:
NOT 1 FVCKING CONSOLE SHOULD WIN, its not you life man.. tbh all console should finish of equally.. coz otherwise they owners of that console have payed for something for not a very big reason, if the owner is rich fine, i guess, but wot if its someone who can't afford a second console..

STOP WITH THIS FVCKING FANBOYISM AND GET A LIFE (for those who are actually fanboys)

its pathetic that some people see their console of choice as their gods!! FYI you aint getting 1 fvcking penny if your console of choice wins.. the only thing you will get is failing games that will get rushed .. while loosing more and more money..

if you love your console so much *in peter griffin's voice* why don't you marry it then *ends peter's voice*

and take away all my fvcking bubbles and give me a million disagree's, see how much I fvcking care..!!

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shadowghost7525311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

"The Playstation 3 is an entirely different story altogether. That console is more costly than its competitors and has the kind of third-party support Nintendo could only dream of. But when it's compared to the Xbox 360, it is an over-priced behemoth that fails on too many levels to make it an attractive buy at the store."

"Sure, it has a Blu-ray player, which adds some value, but what else does it really offer that would justify someone paying $100 more for it than an Xbox 360? Better graphics? I don't think so. Better third-party support? No way. A quick glance at upcoming releases tells you that Microsoft is competing just as well, if not beating Sony on the software front. Better first-party games? Eh."

What a statement from the fanboys at cnet!

So the only REAL arguement that cnet have is that the 360 is cheaper.

What a baised article

DA_SHREDDER5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

Blue ray does add more value to the ps3. It gives devs more space to make better games, and lets not forget to mention blueray is the only supported HD retail format at every major store world wide. So either you only rent HD movies on your 360 store, then you will never beable to buy a dvd that is high definition unless you get a blueray.

The ps3 does have better graphics then even the best games on the 360. Especially third party games. First I would say that Ive yet to see a 360 game that looks better then Metal gear or Uncharted. Also, I own a ps3 and a 360, and Ive played every game that matters on both,, and the ps3 has always been the one to outshine its competitors. Its a fact that the ps3 has more processing power,, so get over it troll.

Also, the ps3 has the best first party studios in gaming, period. Microsoft doesn't even have a fraction of the studios Sony has,, let alone a studio that can make a AAA title. The only game that is even worth mentioning is Fable 2. Rare is so dumb that they arent even talking about making a new Conker. Gears of war 2 makes me laugh too much. Ive never seen a game so overrated in my life. Tell me something about that game that just screams AAA in my face. Tell me please cause I really wish I had more games to play on my 360 as of now cause I have none anymore. Every game I ever played on it was crap and sold by now.

One last thing. The 360 is only $200 dollars right now, and nothing is included. No harddrive, no wireless controller, no mic,, nothing. Add them things and you might as well just buy a ps3 because the value of the 360 is crap. Sure its a great gaming machine, but if you wanna play foreal, then you have to add another $150 bucks just for live and a harddrive. The 360 was never worth more then $200 dollars considering what came in the box. Its a shame that you 360 owners feel that you arent losing out when it comes to comparing the 2 consoles. You really cant fathom how much of a differance there is between the two. Oh well, your loss, not ours.

Opps my bad man. I just get a little ticked off when people say things like that as if they really mean it you know? Its like telling me that your V6 camaro is faster then my V8 and you actually believing yourself. Sorry anyways man.

shadowghost7525311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

You misunderstood me i have a PS3 and i don't have a 360 or a Wii i was merely pointing out that the article is biased and stupid.

I do think that the PS3 is better from value to games quality, sorry if a came across otherwise

JBaby3435311d ago

Well said response but direct it to the author, not to Shadow.

Lucreto5311d ago

You are correct it is only cheaper.

If I see something reduced so quickly to $199 I know something it fishy. It took a long time for PS2 to reach this price point and then the PS3 was released.

When the price hits $199 I know the console is reaching its limit and the next machine will be dropped soon. This new price point has driven me further away from getting a 360.

360 is leading because of its large collect of titles released last year and its lower price point. From what I can tell the US is more of the lowest price and getting the bang for your buck. It is a games machine at heart like the old gaming machines.

The PS3 on the other hand is more of an entertainment hub that does everything and when you thought that a new feature appears. Blu-ray is important and it improves the disk format as a whole. Scrach free disks the bane of most games is a thing of the past. The Playstation is a games machine, a disk movie player, a downloader player,a photo gallery, a video gallery, soon a TV and recorder.

Looking at this the PS3 is far better purchase for gamers, movie lovers and others.

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DarthTigra 5311d ago

Does anyone forget how cheap the gamecube was? Seriously price isnt the only determining factor in buying a console sure it plays its part but its not the only thing.

u got owned5311d ago

Forget about the past my friend look at the Wii. Time has change. The industry is not the same.

waltercross5311d ago

Talking about the Wii: I Do not know anyone who
plays the Wii often, and people who say they have a Wii
admitted that it just sits there for the most part, No Idea
why It's selling so well.

Wii is dominating right now in sales, if the Wii
was fully supported for 10 years or so then it would
win this Generation, But the Wii maybe has another
3 or so years before It's done, meanwhile the PS3 Will
still be selling(even faster) for 10 years, That'll
surely be enough for Sony to win this Generation.

Not being a Fan boy, I'm just Looking at the facts of
the way MS, Nintendo and Sony has done things Last
generation, Last Generation hasn't even stopped yet,
Just ask your Friendly PS2.

There is a old saying: This Generation and last Generation
Isn't over until Sony says it is.

spectyre5311d ago

I don't think the Wii's success is soley based on it's price. The motion controller is big part of it. My sister bought a Wii and she never had anything good to say about video games, ever. Her problem, and I imagine a lot of other people, is that she could never wrap her head around the controller. Face it, four shoulder buttons, four face buttons, a D-pad, and two analog sticks can be quite confusing to someone without gaming experience. That is why I think many people are attracted to the Wii.

Rabid Hamster5311d ago

Waltercross your biased comment about the Wii sitting there doing nothing is only based on what you read here amongst hard core gamers.

The main selling bracket for the Wii is casual gamers. You will find very few of the people who enjoy the Wii on these forums as they prefer to just play occasionally and are not interested in arguing the validity of their console.

My extended family have several Wii consoles and they are all used regularly by kids & adults alike. They are a fun toy but not a serious gaming machine. Something to just kill a little time with some light entertainment and that is where Nintendo were aiming.

I am getting a PS3 but no one else in my family will. Unfortunately times are tough for many and price is a major consideration.

Cheers to all

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Arsenic135311d ago

Come on, lets just play our consoles of choice and stfu. I have a 360, i like it, but seeing this flame bait crap everyday for both the PS3 and 360 is so childish and annoying!

shadowghost7525311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

I agree entirely, except i have a PS3, articles like this are stupid. Unfortunately where ever there are consoles there are fanboys.

Bubbles for you

@ HighDefinition

you missed out religion and films

HighDefinition5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

If people don`t take it personal, I think it makes gamers more passionate about gaming. The problem is ALOT of people take it personal.


Where ever there is ANYTHING there is "fanboys"

-Body types

Humans are just like that.

Edit: Can`t believe I forgot religion, thanks.

Arsenic135311d ago

Fanboys here have taken it to far. The day that article about the Rare employee who was killed by her bf brought about the worst of them. Ppl were mocking here death and bringing consoles into it. There are trolls here who probably spend more time on the opposite console news then their own just to b*tch and be idiots. Its on both sides also and its ridiculous!

StephanieBBB5311d ago

If someone lays out both the good and the bad on both consoles in an article I can read it but unlike this guy he rants the PS3 because god knows what kind of grudge he has against it.

HighDefinition5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

"Fanboys here have taken it to far. The day that article about the Rare employee who was killed by her bf brought about the worst of them. Ppl were mocking here death and bringing consoles into it."

I wouldn`t call them "fanboy" I`d call them F**Ked UP/Insane.

I get your point though.

Do you get mine?

Edit: No Sh!t, thank god. Sometimes I hope this is where some of them get out the frustrations instead of on their cat/girl friend or something.

Arsenic135311d ago

Yeah, some of these ppl would be a danger to society if let loose. Depraved ppl here. Fighting over electronics. At least most of them only cause what they consider damage over the web only.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5311d ago

;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
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;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
I needed a Laugh today!!! ;-D

Freezingduck5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

Proclaiming that "either" console will win the console war "at the moment" is too much...each console can win smaller battles but no clear victory

I would have to say, wait till the end of this year where price vs. quality

large user base vs. more AAA games

and guys, the keyword is




which almost has a kind of sympathetic connotation, (e.g. looks, he's the under-dog, he "should" win)

please grow up.

sunnygrg5311d ago

Thats a rather blunt and selfish statement.

Kleptic5311d ago

what a well researched article...Everyone knows that when a company says "our sales after the price cut where 6x higher than the sales just a week before", automatically said company goes on to win the entire generation...

what....ever....crap hypothesis that undermines every SINGLE trend of this generation so far...

BattleAxe5311d ago

I'm just comming over from another article to continue what was started there only for another topic.

Many reasons that you should not own an XBOX 360:

1. RRoD
2. It scratches discs
3. WiFi is Extra
4. Hard Drive is Extra
5. Controllers need replaceable batteries
6. No Blue Tooth Technology
7. Only plays DVDs
8. Big brick of an external AC adaptor
9. Poor controller configuration
10.The D-Pad doesn't work well
11.MS is shutting down most of their Internal Game Studios
12.Ugly looking machine
13.You must buy an inter-cooler
14.The XBOX 360 sounds like a Vacuum cleaner or a blow dryer.
15.$50 yearly XBOX Live subscription
16.Over priced downloadable content
17.HALO 3
18.Too Human
19.No MGS 4
20.Games with 4 discs(more discs in the future.....maybe games with 6 discs)
21.XBOX Live points are deceiving....they should be using $$$$
23.No God of War 3
24.There have been reports of XBOX 360s burning down houses

I could go on...................

Pain5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

if Xbox 3 is released in 09/10 mabey.

but how would reseting the "kiddy race" err console wars be really wining?..

......but w/e Mabey America can WIN in Iraq too eh??


bosels115311d ago

the guy wrote this article is the bigeest stupid A$$ in the world -360 = biggest piece of sh!t garbage EVER MADE!!!!! from the sorriest company EVER!!!

YoshiMeetsU5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

@1.5: Do you keep that in a text file on your desktop?? I've seen you post that identical list in several different threads.

You should send it to the recycle bin because it's a dumb list. RROD sure is a problem for MS and Blu-ray is a great advantage to Sony but the rest of that list is opinion/questionable. The last one is my favorite, do you have a link posted to an article where the XBOX 360 burned down a house? I'd love to read that.

BattleAxe5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

Heres an article about an XBOX 360 almost burning down a house. Hope you love reading it.

And after you're done that go watch a DVD on your XBOX 360.....but don't forget to turn it off when you're done:)

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