New Linux development tools for PS3

It has been announced that RapidMind and Terra Soft have teamed up to make application development for the PlayStation 3 easier than ever before. Last month Terra Soft announced the release of Yellow Dog Linux of the PlayStation 3, and now with the RapidMind Development Platform, developers can more easily create applications that run on PS3 and other hardware which utilizes the Cell Broadband Engine.

A full-featured evaluation version of the RapidMind Development Platform v2.0 will be provided for distribution from Terra Soft's Enhanced Accounts.

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dbug3605433d ago

sweet should be good, i like he idea behind this as this should get the ball rolling

achira5433d ago

can i have this for free to, without the yum account ? it would be nice to have it.

CAPS LOCK5433d ago

it is FREE...anyway this is great news for fans and all developers. OutLaw this is a great find.

DreDawgg065433d ago

Who cares, how about developing better and more efficient tools for creating games.

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