Total Biscuit On Bethesda's Review Policy

TotalBiscuit brings you an essay video on Bethesda's recently released review policy.

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Ashlen1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

I only watched because it was Total Biscuit. And I want to make it clear I have no love for Bethesda, they were making me mad with all their lawsuits years ago and they really lost me when they tired to push paid mods something which they have said is still on their road map (which is why they removed mods from steam workshop and put them into a workshop which they 100% control). And that said I agree with whats said here 99.9%.

The only thing he didn't cover is the troll reviews, the for clicks reviews that people post that have nothing but negative things to say because they know that's what gets clicks. And while I agree that it's anti-consumer to deny people information in some way I feel like the "unscrupulous" review sites trying to make a name for themselves are at least in part responsible. That said I still don't think the correct answer is to with hold reviews entirely and I also don't have a good solution because reviewers need to be able to feel open to give negative reviews. So if developers just blacklist anyone who says anything negative that's going down the same path that this discussion is about.

I guess all I am saying is that perhaps this is in some ways another case of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch, though not really because at the end of the day i think the whole thing is anti-consumer.

Pantz1694d ago

biscuits are food not video games