Windows-compatible VR headsets are coming from Acer, Lenovo and others, starting at $299

The future of virtual reality might be a lot more affordable once Windows 10 Creators Update rolls out next year.

TankCrossing2828d ago

I'd assume these are the array of VR headsets Microsoft alluded too when talking about Scorpio compatibility.

Great news for the industry if this takes off, as it could lead to a future where you buy a headset and use it on any console or PC (much as you expect to be able to use a TV). That totally opens up the market for rapid tech advancement and a full gamut of low to high end options.

darthv722828d ago

Im still not convinced about VR. Its a cool experience but still very limiting in scope. My feeling is 4k and especially HDR are going to be bigger as far as visually appealing goes. So while one person is experiencing a game in VR... another could be playing the same in 4k HDR on a bigger non closed off field of view tv.

Couch co-op at its finest as you can mess with your friend and they wont even see it coming because their eyes are obstructed by the HMD.

BizarroUltraman2828d ago


Boo....party pooper. Lol

Utalkin2me2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )


How is it limited in scope? That makes no sense at all. You could take everygame and make it a VR experience which would on enhance the game. And the PSVR allows 4 people to play together on the TV while the one person is on VR.

freshslicepizza2828d ago

this headset is not like oculus though, it does not have outside tracking.

threefootwang2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Spoken like someone who didn't even read the article.

"these headsets will also feature inside-out tracking, a technical term for being able to track movement in space without desk- or wall-mounted sensors."

TankCrossing2828d ago

It's different tracking tech, but it still provides positional data so it is likely it could be loosely compatible with the same software. How good these headsets are remains to be seen, but there aren't really any limits defined. Which is what makes it so interesting.

SpaceRanger2828d ago


If you see the majority of his comments, they usually all read just like that.

BizarroUltraman2828d ago

It doesnt need to be like Oculus. I wish they made Samsung Gears VR comaptible. They have the 1st gen one for under $70 on Amazon. Ill probably get it to try out with my phone. My cousin has one and likes it but wont let me use it. Ah!

Dabigsiebowski2828d ago

@Moldy. Damn man, do yourself a favor and educate yourself once in a while. You always come in to discussions with the least amount of knowledge and extreme fanboism. Read the article or even better yet read a good book.

pabsis2827d ago

you're right... if you watch the video of the guy trying it out he's barely moving and there doesn't seem to be 1 to 1 tracking at all.... seems more like gear vr

Utalkin2me2827d ago


"these headsets will also feature inside-out tracking"

More embarrassment......You will learn some day young one.

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Blank2828d ago

Great observation and consumer friendly move on MS part if this is true, which I hope it is.

EpicZinger2828d ago

Indeed, such a great move now that MS is doing VR. Before VR wasn't all that great.

Dr_Gauntlet2828d ago

This is a pretty great surprise. I'm still hoping they allow other 3rd-party VR headsets on Xbox Scorpio.

christocolus2828d ago

Phil already stated this. He said they plan to work with as many third party VR vendors as possible. Todays announcment just sort of shows us the direction they are going with their plans for VR on Scorpio. I think we will get Oculus and Vive support and maybe a couple others...some Scorpio compatible VR headsets may still be in development from yet to be announced third party partners. We will know more at the reveal.

Eonjay2828d ago

I don't think there will be such a thing as specific Scorpio compatible headsets. I think that any headset that Microsoft is partnering with will automatically (for the most part) work with their next console as well. Now its just a question of what will be the standard for creating VR content. I would throw my hat in the ring for Valve's OpenVR, because this could allow people to make one app that works across multiple devices. Or, maybe since Microsoft is partnering with these guys, perhaps push for a new open standard across Windows 10 devices.

VR is amazing and these latest developments prove that the market is excited for VR. Its not just a gimmick. Having a PSVR, I can say for sure that there are certain perspectives you gain from VR that just aren't possible with a 2D display.

ILostMyMind2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Scorpio = PC Windows 10

Mystogan2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Not a surprise if you have been following Microsoft. They announced that they are working on VR headsets with these partners since the last Build. The price is kind off a surprise but I expected it to be cheap since they are working together with OEMs. They can take the losses together. And the fact that these are dedicated hardware OEMs.

I would be surprised if these won't work on the current Xbox One. They said that current laptops support it after all.

BizarroUltraman2828d ago

That would be great if they could make it happen.

Bigpappy2828d ago

I am still not ready to jump on VR just yet. I'll see how I feel next holiday. Could take longer than that. I am just to read to have my eyeballs so close to a display. I am very protective over my health.

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Cyb3r2828d ago

Hopefully this will mean a price drop on other highend headsets

kenwonobi2828d ago

The price drop is what will really push these mainstream.

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OpieWinston2828d ago

Good to see affordable VR headsets inbound.

Razrye22828d ago

They are already here. It's called Playstation vr

lastking952828d ago

$500 is still expensive and more than the console