Robinson: The Journey Devs Discuss Move Support, PS4 Pro Enhancements and Recent Pricing Errors

Upcoming PSVR game Robinson: The Journey will not include support for the PlayStation Move controllers at launch, developer Crytek has announced, while also revealing the nature of the title's PS4 Pro enhancements.

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Stapleface815d ago (Edited 815d ago )

So delay it. Every game play video they have shown uses move controls. The tool in game looks like a move controller. It's not ok to release something unfinished. Releasing without the games obvious focus for control just doesn't make sense other than they want money NOW.

edit. nevermind. After writing this I went back and checked..I guess I just assumed the demos were done with move controllers. They were not. But still, it wasn't hard to come to that conclusion looking at the in game tool. Hopefully it's added later on.

ArchangelMike815d ago

I agree with you that its a massive oversight not to have Move support from the start, especially that the protagonist is practically holding one in the game. Given that they announced the price of the game at $60, it makes it even more disappointing that the game is not shipping feature complete.

C-H-E-F815d ago

SMH wow, like i said before not worth the 59.99$ price tag. Although Amazon is offering it for 39.99 that is a retailer price not the actual price as the dev said. This is ridiculous, i'll wait for further price drops of this game and the patch to come in so I can be fully immersed. The only games that should use a controller are NO VR GAMES lOl. The playstation navigation controller still exists out there, and they are neglecting that hardware. why? i have no idea, but I do know if the move can work with the PS4 then the navigation controllers should as well.. same hardware.

Utalkin2me815d ago

Actually when i bought PSVR i thought they would use the nav controllers. Hopefully some devs start supporting the controllers cause it would perfect combo for VR.

BABY-JEDI815d ago

It is all about hand location though, especially at climbing sections in game 😉

Utalkin2me814d ago


Yeah i totally get that. But if a game requires you to use a controller. Why couldn't you use a move and nav controller instead.

Fearmonkey815d ago

I think Sony should have brought back the navigation controller as well as the move controller, this kind of game would have worked well with that combo. Interesting on the silence regarding the PsPRo and PSVR, they have barely talked about it and I think thats on purpose. I noted that Crytek said gameplay wasnt affected as to re-assure those that PsVR will work just fine on the regular PS4.

C-H-E-F815d ago

Also, Crytek's games are normally really gorgeous, but when it comes to gameplay it's normally meh. This is why i was so interested in this game at E3 but now i'm just going to sit in the bleachers and see how this plays out with users and critics. because this is just not acceptable unless it's Battlezone or RIGS or something of that nature the Controllers shouldn't be used. They need to integrate the playstation navigation controller into PSVR and PS MOVE should be in practically every game, controllers take you out of that oh shit this feels sooo real mentality when you're playing VR unless as I said you are playing Battlezone or RIGS then it makes sense.

ji3200815d ago (Edited 815d ago )

I just want to play the psvr game with my Dualshock controller. Immerse into another world and play the game is PLENTY good enough! Get over those motion controller stuff! All you guys sounds like "if i don't have 500hp car then im not driving it"

instantstupor815d ago

It's not so much that because it isn't "the best" it isn't good at all, but more to your point about immersion. You want to be immersed and so do other people paying money for the experience. Have you not found that having your hands actually be transported into the game via Move/Oculus Touch/Vive Wand (the heck they called? lol) makes your game feel far more immersive? I know for games that are more than just narrative experiences, Move typed controllers are practically a must. It may be a fine experience, but when the input method people want is something the dev has had access to basically since PSVRs inception, there isn't much of an excuse.

BABY-JEDI815d ago

This is a major fail for me. I will wait for Crytek to patch move controls before purchase as this IMO is integral to the gameplay approach. Also point of note. This games demo had move controllers. Seems a strange MOVE this 🙄