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2 Reviews for the 2 Screens of Sony's New Virtual Reality Headset

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Amiga-guy2594d ago

I think word is out, PSVR is the real deal, out of stock and in demand, It really is a game changer.

Goldby2594d ago

it is an unbelievable piece of tech. my parents keep wanting me to bring it over so they can play it more.

stuna12594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Lol, you know it's something when the parents want to play it. They're usually the ones screaming about us spending too much time playing, and saying thing things like it'll rot our brains.


Sounds like they really enjoyed it. It's a remarkable piece of tech in my opinion.

Goldby2594d ago

oh you have no idea.
last year we went to my grandparents for xmas for about a week.
i was scolded by my mom for bringing up my ps4, so i could chat with my friends and watch movies.

i got a message yesterday from my mom " you know you are bringing the VR to nana and paps this xmas"

joeorc2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

@stuna13m ago
[Lol, you know it's something when the parents want to play it. They're usually the ones screaming about us spending too much time playing, and saying thing things like it'll rot our brains.]

My own story, I had three Ryme III VR HMD smartphone VR headsets that I was able to Aquire from work to test SME mobile devices we had to show not only difference in levels of each mobile headset. Any way my nephew's just got a PS4 for Christmas last year, and they asked me what the PSVR was like early this year, I told them when demo stations release well you could try it out but in the meantime I could atleast give you an idea what it would be like. So my sister wanted to see what VR was all about so I brought over my Mobile HMD headsets so they could see what the entry level VR was like ..I used a note 2, 3 and 4 to show different performance levels of the Mobile VR and they were saying this was really cool we watch the Olympics 2016 VR events , so when PSVR demo stations released they tried them and was like we are getting this..

My mother in law, sisters and Nice's & nephew's kept asking for me to bring over my VR Headsets because they liked the space travel and safari Mobile VR applications and they themselves did not have a VR mobile capable smartphone for it but will have PSVR now..so I found that VR has a habit of selling itself once many people try it no matter if it's mobile or tethered.

PSVR is indeed pretty Fantastic for its cost and level of VR presence inside VR that you are getting with PSVR.

stuna12594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Stories like yours about how you got others involved in experienceing the tech is what's going to ensure the steady adoption of VR. The fact that's it's console based is a plus for a couple of reasons!

1) I don't think people take into account the mobility of PSVR! You practically can pack up your PSVR and PS4 to take with you over Family/Friends houses or, just take the VR headset if they already have a PS4. Something you can't do with Occulus Rift or Vive, simply because alot of people don't have the necessary specs required to support the two VR setups for their own computers.

2) In the bigger picture PSVR is the cheaper alternative, therefore making it more cost effective in the long run.

3) Dependent on how well the public in general receives VR, support can blossom from a limitless number of developers 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Independent .

4) By adoption, word of mouth Sony themselves will see and continue to experiment and explore the potential thereby continuing to support PSVR, which in turn will cause others to join in the race with their own developed tech.

People have to realize is that VR is in its birthing stages, is it perfect? No! But like all things there is a process required to reach maturation and in order for it to mature it has to be nurtured and supported.


Good point. The fact that you can watch all those things in cinematic mode including non VR titles is another selling point to an already robust package in my opinion. It literally sells itself.

Gamist2dot02594d ago

You know what I dislike about staying/visiting relatives houses for the holidays? Sharing the TV or having to watch what they only have. So if I do go this year, PSVR will save me from boredom lol. I can watch Netflix/Youtube videos, movies, game, etc without taking over/sharing their TV.

ji32002594d ago

JUST wait until we see lot of triple A game developers start making vr games. They are waiting if psvr sells well or not but now it proves!

Fearmonkey2594d ago

After playing PSVR a ton now I can say it's the future. There is just nothing like it, and sad to say, unless you play a quality VR experience, you just dont have an idea of how exactly cool it is. I'm excited for the future VR hardware with better screens and resolution as well as AR. I had a chance to play with a Hololens and it was interesting but not yet as exciting as PSVR. Im looking forward to what Magic leap brings us.


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SullysCigar247d ago

VR kept me fit during lockdown. Anyone who says it doesn't work hasn't stuck at it. I had an OG PSVR, Beat Saber, Synth Riders and Box VR. All gyms were shut, all sports stopped and we were allowed to run for 1 hour max per day, which bored the crap out of me.

I had to workout in VR in just my undies and I'd run with sweat from head to toe after a workout. I dropped my fat count in lockdown while most were gaining and it ripped my up nicely before heading back to the old routine at the gym. Now I have little VR workout for fun now and then, but all my previous options are open to me, but it's nice to be able to get a sweat on at any time that suits.

Once Beat Saber has been upgraded for PSVR2, that addiction's coming back for a bit, I know it!

gamerz246d ago

VR fitness is real and the games aren't the type where you finish and don't play again. You keep playing as part of your normal routine/rotation. My favorites: Thrill of the Fight, Audica, Dance Central, Until You Fall, Pistol Whip, BoxVR, Beat Saber.

rokos246d ago

Looks interesting and engaging, my only concern is not to knock something important (expensive) out at home while playing a fitness game


My Problems With VR

Jason says, "Okay, I’ve dabbled in VR over the years, and interactive realism is starting to get VERY good. But this has actually led to more problems for me as I continue my journey to reviewing the PSVR2… Wait, am I ranting about VR?!"

Examples used are Resident Evil Village and Horizon Call of the Mountain.

rlow1253d ago

Interesting, I never thought about that. Curious, anyone on here experience the same issues?

S2Killinit252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Essentially, His muscle memory from real guns kicks in and he has to adjust to the dimensions of the headset getting in the way. Interesting.

I was thinking that for the majority of people, VR gunplay will actually gain them real combat experience.

The earth will be much more ready for any alien invasion if everyone plays Pavlov than flat fps like cod.


jznrpg252d ago

They do have VR at the gun range I go to Some of the sessions if not all are for police training I believe.

It is more for situational awareness and not actual precision of shooting .

jznrpg252d ago

It is a little awkward at first but it didn’t take me long to get the hang of it . That’s what the tutorial is for .
My wife would drop her knife a lot (it goes right back to your sheath) at first and had trouble reloading but she isn’t a gamer or wasn’t before besides playing Castlevania on handheld . It took her a little while to get used to .
She also goes to the real gun range and hasn’t mentioned anything conflicting but I’ll ask her next time she plays RE8 .

Stanjara252d ago

Why VR2 has that twitching again... isn't that improved? Looks terrible...
I'm still not sold on it...

S2Killinit252d ago

Thats because you are watching the head movement of someone else. In VR any twitching is your own, like in real life.

Stanjara252d ago

You're kidding me... We do not twitch in real life.

Your hands are also twitching... Every sensor is twitching.

That's good???

S2Killinit252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Edit: ohh having watched the video a third time, NOW I see what you are talking about. First, in RE the gun mechanics are superb, they are a revelation, that is how awesome it is to cock you own sniper rifle instead of clicking a button. As to the gun twitching that is his natural hands shaking, as to the cocking of the sniper, he is showing you a scene where the cocking is not being done smoothly by him, it does NOT always look like that. But as great as it is to cock your own guns, it is NOT perfect. If that is a deal breaker for you or something then VR is not ready for you. Believe it or not cocking a gun in VR is easier than real life because its semi assisted.

Hope that helps.

EvertonFC252d ago

Actually a fascinating watch, glad I don't have any real weapon experience 😂🤣

jznrpg252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

I go the the gun range every week . I don’t have an issue with gaming and actual shooting interfering with each other at all.
The weight and feel of a real handgun or rifle vs a PSVR2 controller or even the gun stocks I had for PSVR1 are so different . I don’t see how I could get them confused really.

I don’t play a lot of shooter games but I do play them .

masterfox252d ago

and who cares about your problems I have my own personal problems in life :D

S2Killinit252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Hahaha first world problems.