Gears sales on course to smash Halo

Epic Games' flagship 360 shooter Gears of War has sold over three million copies worldwide in just ten weeks, putting it well on course to smash the sales figure set by legendary Xbox shooter Halo, which has sold five million copies since its release in 2001.

The news of Gears' latest milestone comes from Microsoft's own Larry Hryb, who reveals that the Epic shooter has helped the Xbox 360 muscle 51% market share in the United States for December 2006, and expand the population of Xbox Live users to over five million, with a collosal three billion game hours logged to date...

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power0919995233d ago

However this will be a thing of the past when Halo3 comes out.

I have a feeling it's going to do really well for the 360.

Either way this is a good thing. Bungie is now going to have to work even hard to come out ahead on this one.

PS3n3605233d ago

I used to hate 3rd person shooters till gears came along. Now FPS without cover seems stiff and boring. Rainbow vegas is ok with a little of both elements. COD3 has only seen an hour of play and I got it same day as gears. Halo3 better have some new gameplay tricks up its sleeve not just pretty graphics or I might take a pass.

Texas GMR5233d ago

That's pretty impressive, no matter how you slice it!