10 PS4 Horror Games to Play at Halloween

Shopomo: "With Halloween upon us, we've selected the scariest PS4 horror games guaranteed to send shivers down."

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robtion724d ago

I have just re-installed The Evil Within for another playthrough. The game is way way better since the update that gives the option to remove the black bars/letterboxing.

81BX724d ago

Does it pull back the camera? That would be great

robtion724d ago

No but it really makes a huge difference. I highly recommend taking a look to anyone who hasnt checked it out since the upgrade.

81BX724d ago

Sweet got about half way through, then i couldnt take it anymore... im going to re download it.

Palebloodhunter724d ago

I find your lack of Bloodborne disturbing.

Spike20XX724d ago

Last of us isn't horror, more like survival action game.

Spike20XX724d ago

i'm shocked SOMA isn't on this list.