How WipEout HD was altered to pass health tests

D+PAD has put together a comparison video showing the differences between the pre-release build of WipEout HD and the final build.

The video shows how the visuals have been changed to get around the alleged health issues that plagued the pre-release version.

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shadowghost7524391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Low quality vid but still WipEout HD will be awesome, first day buy for me!

marinelife94391d ago

Uh yeah that preview build would have definitely triggered someone's seizure.

DavidMacDougall4391d ago

Can't they make a limited edtion with free sun glasses lol

sonarus4391d ago

I don't know i think i want a seizure...seizure version looks better to me

Fishy Fingers4391d ago

Definitely less strobe effects, but all in all the changes are rather minimal. I'm more than happy with the aesthetics of the final build.

WINZLOW4391d ago

less lights = more hours for playing this game for me

Cyrus3654391d ago

I liked the preview build, it was mad crazy, wish it would have passed, even if it caused people seizures, there was much more detail and stuff going on.

WINZLOW4391d ago

20 USD? im not complaining about the price being expensive, that's pretty much a steal for a game that has...

Trophy Support

Custom Soundtracks

Online leaderboards for different multiplayer modes

Split Screen Offline

Customizable Ships

need i say more???

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The story is too old to be commented.