7 Games You Have to Play on Hard Difficulty

Hard mode isn't for everyone, but these games are best enjoyed with a large dose of difficulty.

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ArchangelMike2404d ago

Are there people out there who don't play games on hard difficulty? Ever since the advent of trophies, I can't remember starting a game on normal difficulty. Since last gen, normal has become the new 'easy mode'; and hard is the new 'normal mode'.

Fishy Fingers2404d ago

What a bad ass (I kid).

But yes, many people do, myself included. I don't get the time I used to and I'd rather get to experience the game than spend what time I have 'grinding'. Wasn't always this way mind. Plus I haven't checked my trophies for years.

ravinash2404d ago

I do enjoy playing a game on Hard, but yeah, these days time is short and some time you just want to get through the story so you can see how it ends.
I play TLOU on normal just to see the story and enjoyed it.
Played it again on hard and got stuck on the bit where Ellie has to take on that Bloater with that other guy.... just got stuck and there were other games I needed to play.
Still one of the best games I've ever played.

bloop2403d ago

Fighting the bloater with Ellie and David on grounded was an absolute nightmare. If I'd done my first playthrough of TLOU on grounded difficulty I'd probably have hated the game, broken 10 controllers in the process and have a whole lot less hair than I have now. It's nice going through a game on normal first time so you can experience the story and enjoy playing it at a good pace. It's a great sense of accomplishment finishing a game on hardest difficulty, but it's never anywhere near as enjoyable to playthrough.

P_Bomb2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Depends on the game. If hard isn't required I won't bother, the break is nice.

Some games are definitely satisfying on hard, but others aren't (hello cod:[email protected] grenade spam). I dont play R&C to stress over. I've got Nioh for that :p

philm872404d ago

I have a mate who just sucks really bad at games, but still enjoys them, so easy mode is like hard for others with him.

game4funz2403d ago

Hence why you have to play on the difficulty above hard if you really want to play on hard.

joab7772403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I know you got downvotes, but I do the same thing, and it's not b/c I'm great at games. It's b/c normal is like a movie for most games.

And for $60, I like games to last more than 8-10 hrs.

Yui_Suzumiya2403d ago

Easiest difficulty for me.. and I grew up in the NES era

zeuanimals2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Yes. Play grounded if you want to test your limits in TLOU, but crushing in Uncharted is just BS. Some games are best played on lower difficulties.

You wouldn't be able to use half of the most exciting, moment to moment tactics in an Uncharted game if you played on hard, let alone Crushing. The games are great arena shooters and you need to be able to take some hits in arena shooters so you can better position yourself to dish it back, harder. Specifically in Uncharted 4, the level design encouraged you to use everything around you to get through with as much dazzle and jazz as possible. Every area had gaps, ledges, rope anchoring points, various types of cover, "sneaking grass", vantage points, etc. Some even let you use the Jeep to add in some vehicle mayhem into the combat. You'd die pretty much immediately for even trying to attempt to get to the areas needed to spice up combat. Uncharted turns into a generic cover shooter if you're not able to get out of cover to use the other parts of the environment and that's no fun.

Also, on normal, you can take some damage and heal up fairly quickly, and cover is good for taking some time to heal and kill some enemies that pose too big a threat. On hard (and crushing), you can't take as much damage and you heal a lot slower. You're pretty much stuck in cover at times due to how much easier it is to die and the fact that it takes much longer to heal.

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classic192404d ago

I play on normal to get the lay of the land on levels and or game world.. After I beat the game I then replay at its hardest mode.. I don't want to start on the hardest mode in be stuck for days.. As the witcher3 would say prepare before every battle lol..

FullmetalRoyale2403d ago

Yeah, that platinum was no joke. But honestly I was mostly stressed about missing a gwent card the whole time.

classic192403d ago

Yeah, I still haven't gotten all the cards. Iv played it through 3 times all ready.. Gotta start my games on normal tho..

Genova842403d ago

God of war
Max payne
Tomb raider
South park stick of truth

Basically, any game with a difficulty setting. Granted doesnt mean the hardest one as some has 4 or 5 levels. But at least a step above normal.

philm872404d ago

Think it depends on the game. Tried it with Uncharted 3, and there was just one boss that couldn't get past. Also, Batman Arkham Knight sucks on hard difficulty when you have to face the 60 odd drones, just feels out of control. Witcher 3 I played through on the hardest difficulty, I think that enhanced the game massively as it made me actually think about using alchemy etc. rather than just breezing through without the need to use it, which I'd have done otherwise.

Genova842403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Witcher 3 on deathmarch is way way easier than witcher 2 on normal, nevermind hard, dark or insane. I think the kayran killed me like 70 times on my first playthrough. Letho probably killed me a similar number of times. I had no such problems in TW3.

If you haven't played TW2, I cannot recommend it more. Great game.

philm872403d ago

Yeah was thinking about going back and playing the first two games, bargain bin prices for them now!

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