Ubisoft's Steep Gets New Intense Gameplay Trailer

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for its extreme sports game Steep, which like the game’s past trailers shows off its adrenalized nature through intense paragliding and snowboarding footage.

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thorstein878d ago

This... on PSVR cinematic mode. Hello!

k2d878d ago

I want to play this in true 120 fps on the pro, but honestly I don't care what shape it releases in as long as it's in the near future for the PSVR.

Jaw1love878d ago

this looks terrible. Bring back Amped

Pancit_Canton878d ago

WTF is this? A GoPro advertisement.

Igihara878d ago

They use the GoPro's for first person mode

Orionsangel878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

I played the beta and it was so boring. I'm tired of realistic snowboard mountain activity games. Wow a white mountain settings for the entire game. Meh! I know you know where I'm going with this but nobody did it better than SSX. Back when developers went crazy creating a fun exciting world. Back when you had individual tracks with their own unique look and theme.

rdgneoz3878d ago

Played the beta as well. Made me want to play the ssx series again....

Aenea878d ago

Yes same, played SSX games to death, sigh, miss them...

OMGitzThatGuy878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

Is that green stuff supposed to be ice or giant emerald rocks?

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