US sales update: everyone wins

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have all rushed to put a positive spin on the latest NPD Group figures from the US, which document the fortunes of all the different consoles and suggest Christmas 2006 was a bumper period for hardware sales.

Nintendo Wii reportedly sold 604,200 units in December, which means its US installed base at the turn of the year was 1.1 million, while PlayStation 3 added 490,700 units for a total of 687,300, but Microsoft clearly had better lorries or something because it sold 1.1 million in December, putting its overall base at 4.5 million.

None of the new consoles could overcome the mighty Nintendo DS though, with sales totalling 1.6 million in December, and it's also worth adding that the PlayStation 2 outsold the next-generation consoles, its lower price and broad software catalogue driving 1.4 million sales. PSP did 953,200, which also kept its nose ahead of GBA, at 850,000...

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THAMMER15435d ago

I had no idea the 360 only sold 4.5 million in the U.S. over all. Sweet.

calderra5435d ago

"I had no idea the 360 only sold 4.5 million in the U.S"

Yeah, that number seems really screwed up. And this is supposed to include Canada? Er, I don't think that's correct, unless North America is no longer the largest territory for console sales...

xfrgtr5435d ago

no, it doesn't include canada ,these numbers are for US only.

super bill5435d ago

everybody should be happy.that there consoles are selling and the industry is in good shape.

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The story is too old to be commented.