Mark Cerny: Converting A Base PS4 Game To PS4 Pro Version Is Just 0.2 Or 0.3% of The Overall Effort

The PS4 Pro is Sony's new console, that offers developers more power than a standard PS4. That said, there are a lot of restrictions placed on just how developers can use that extra power, and the long and short of it is that you can basically just get the same game as on a standard PS4, but slightly prettier.

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mad-dog2414d ago

Iwata would have done that in a day, himself.

Anyway, this is old news but good news. A lot of devs will bring Pro support.

XanderZane2414d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

If it's that easy, why not. Better looking and performing game is always a good thing. Definitely will get the PS4 Pro over the PS4 Slim. I hope we can upgrade the HDD like the OG PS4. That's the very first thing I will do. Put an 8TB or 12TB in that baby.

Why the disagrees? lol!! People don't like the PS4 Pro either.

Sata 3 HDD are expensive, but fast. I don't think they come in 12TB yet. So I'll probably stick with the 2.5 laptop drives.

jukins2414d ago

You can upgrade the had it also uses the latest Sata interface

fr0sty2414d ago

Don't count on 8-12TB any time soon though, you still have to use the 2.5'' laptop hard drives, which currently top out at around 4TB. There is a 16TB SSD that fits the 2.5'' form factor which is aimed at enterprise users, however it is likely to cost a fortune and unlikely that PS4 Pro's firmware will recognize that much memory without an update.

Maxor2414d ago

Sata 3 support makes very little difference since you're still stuck to laptop hard drive. This will limit your choice when it comes to both speed and size.

freshslicepizza2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

if its so easy does that mean every 1st party game will have a pro version soon? sony needs to talk the talk and not just add it to a few older titles like the last of us but all of them.

nitus102414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )


You probably mean this 15TB SSD: Cheap at $10,000 USD.

I think I would be quite happy with a 1TB SSD but they are still expensive compared to hard disk drives.


SATA 3 is up to 600MB/sec compared to SATA 2 (PS4) which is up to 300MB/sec. This effectively means you can use an SSD (most consumer ones are rated around 500MB/sec read and write) in the PS4pro and still have 100MB/sec leeway.

In the PS4 writing is not really an issue unless you are looking at swapping which for all Linux/Unix operating systems (MS Windows is no exception) can occur and if you have a slow disk the overall performance suffers. Naturally, it would be great if no swapping occurs but it does happen, so a fast write to swap can increase overall performance.

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wtchytbe2414d ago

Plenty Backward Compatibility games for X1. PS4 games 100% enhance compatibility should be for PS4 PRO

mozzie2414d ago

some back comapt games also run better on Xbox One than they do on the 360. And also Xbox One Games run a tad better on Xbox One S so they're forward compatible as well. I bet Xbox Play Anywhere titles like GOW4 and FH3 will use their PC 4K Assets from day one on the Scorpio, so there you have it forward compatible but for two generations! (More or less with supported 360 titles and maybe some day Original Xbox fingers crossed)

babadivad2414d ago

Have we moved on from all the 8.4 TF articles already??

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MasterCornholio2414d ago

Makes a lot of sense to me. If it doesn't take any effort developers will support the Pro even though it's a fraction of the total PS4 user base. Seems like Sonys main goal with the system is to not fracture the user base.

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Muzikguy2414d ago

Which is the best news anyone could ask for! I hope to see Pro versions of most games. All this good news just keeps rolling in 😄

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Nodoze2414d ago

The article appears to be written by a 3rd grader. Wow.

_LarZen_2414d ago

It's written that way to connect with it's readers....

mad-dog2414d ago

Yeah everybody is a gaming journalist these days.

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nitus102414d ago


Most people sitting at home behind their laptops/desktops have a tendency to treat their PS's as appliances. Get them to something out of the ordinary and they have no clue. Of course there are exceptions.

S2Killinit2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Thats really good news. Means it wont cost them too much to offer the Pro upgrades.

Aenea2414d ago

Did you do the math BTW? How long are games in development for? How many people are developing it? It's 0.2 to 0.3% of that, still not an insignificant number!

Bolts2414d ago

.3% of Destniy's 500 million is expensive as hell. No wonder they're not supporting the Pro.

nitus102414d ago

Say it takes about one man-year to develop a game that is 24hours times 365 days (let's not throw leap years in) equals 8,760 man hours now 0.3% of that is 26.28 man hours or a little over one man days. Now multiply that by the number of man years it takes to develop the game and you have your answer.

Not insignificant but not excessive and when you consider that it is a value-added feature that will make your game (I am being subjective here) attractive to more customers then the extra effort may be worth it.

Aenea2414d ago

That 500 million was also advertising I thought? Even so, if it was all for development not all of that would be just for the people working on Pro support...

Yes on the overall costs it's rather small, but some people see such a small percentage and think it can be done in a few days which is not the case. If it takes 3 years to make a game then it's 2 to 3 days of those 3 years spent on Pro support but not just by 1 person, so it's closer to probably a month for a handful of people (including testers).

ShadowWolf7122413d ago

Dude, that's the percentage of the workload, not percentage of the budget.

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