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The most hardware hungry PC games

PCGH assembled a list of games that, at the time of their release, forced almost any PC to its knees.

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Torch3692d ago

Man, that was a blast from the past!

Makes me wanna go dig up my two SLI'd VoodooII cards and hug them.

I will NEVER forget the very first time I witnessed the magic my first 3DFX card did to my once-jaggy, choppy, and bland gaming graphics...all in glorious 640x480!!!

(Ah, what I would give right now for a nostalgic peek at that cool spinning '3DFX' logo that would appear whenever the card kicked in!)

Torch3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

LOL!...I had a gut feeling that someone was going to respond to my wishes!

That logo was sooooo cool.

Definite bubbles for your effort and starting my morning with a smile! XD

bumnut3692d ago

i remember wing commander 4 bringing my pentium 90 to its knees!

i also remeber having to upgrade to 1/2 a meg or ram to play links 386 in svga (damn im old!!)

mariusmal3692d ago

i remember when diablo 1 chew my pc and ejected it through his back orifice