The 10 worst PSP games so far

Like any console, the PSP has suffered from some absolutely stinkers in the first couple of years of its life. Terrible products like Dave Mirra BMX Challenge (pictured here).

In the post-Christmas season of cheap PSP titles, it's would be too easy to accidentally pick up a shocker, so here's 10 to stay away from...

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InMyOpinion5232d ago

The PSP is still good for sucking major @ss tho.

Marty83705232d ago

There are easily more than 10 Absolutely Stinkers on the DS.

specialguest5231d ago

aside from games made by SquareEnix and Nintendo, most of the third-party developed games on the DS really suck bad.

the top 10 worst PSP games listed were complete trash. sometimes you gotta wonder why some of these developers put no effort into at least making it descent.

zonetrooper55230d ago

I think the DS rapes the PSP but i don't own any of them but i have played both.