CSM: La Tale Review

CSM Writes:

"Cute and colorful in an anime style, this game is fun to play and easy to get into. Character development is not complex, although players would be well advised to read guides that are already out on the various skills and classes. Apart from exploring dungeons and killing monsters with sword or magic to earn gold, players will enjoy dressing their characters in a multitude of fashions. They will need to learn a single crafting skill, which is a nice social aspect of the game as crafters are dependent upon each other to produce sub-components or the final item."

"Another engaging aspect of gameplay are pets. Like players, they get stronger the more they experience, and kids get to watch them grow from egg to baby to adulthood. Pets provide different benefits to the player, depending on the type of pet you have, and they are bought from the item shop using money earned in the game or real money."

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