Rumor Smash: Kojima Making Exclusive Xbox Games

The Rumor: A press conference in Osaka today revealed that Konami has established a development team called "Konami X Productions." The team is being headed by MGS creator Hideo Kojima. Frist, Konami X Prods. will develop the Metal Gear Solid trilogy for the Xbox 360 and MGS: Fluid Ac!d for the Zune.

The Smash: Kojima might be from Kansai, but Konami, a Tokyo-based company, does not give press conferences in Osaka. Also, news of such press conference never appeared on Konami's or Kojima Productions' sites or on any major Japanese gaming news website like Famitsu, Game Watch Impress or Dengeki Online. A well-placed source confirmed with us that this rumor is total baloney. Hit the jump for the elaborate (and phony) press release announcing this b.s. Brian Ashcraft

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THAMMER15240d ago

I like the thugged out ICE GRILL. He looks like he would get along fine in my hood. I would nick name Kojima KILLA K.

Marriot VP5240d ago

so his initials would be KKK, sounds good to me

calderra5240d ago

"Frist, Konami X Prods"

GaMr-5240d ago

Kojima is Kaz Hirai's cousin...dont you see the fanboys love rumors go spread that one. lol

candystop5240d ago

They should limit you on the amount of letters you can type rather than how many bubbles you get! That way whenever PS3 fan has something negative as usual to say nobody could understand what he was saying! Just imagine if his comment went more like this "tota" and we never new what the poor fanboy meant to say! I know what i'm saying might sound crazy but it would be really funny if he was down to one letter!

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