Final Fantasy XV Co-Op Possible If Enough Fans Want It

Hajime Tabata has suggested that Co-Op for Final Fantasy XV is something they would definitely consider if enough fans wanted it. #finalfantasyxv #gamerprofessionals

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mikeslemonade2346d ago

Nope just start making the next final fantasy so I don't have to wait 10 years again.

GottaBjimmyb2346d ago

Hell yes, I was so bummed when I read this because I assumed the purists would be extremely opposed to the idea. Glad to see I am not alone. I feel like ffxv lends itself to coop more than any other FF title has and would be very happy to see it added.

DragonKnight2346d ago

Pre-PS FF games had co-op, so any purist should know that and accept that this would be a return to that.

Personally I'd rather first be given control over other characters, but having been a series fan since the beginning, I'm not opposed to the idea of co-op.

Gustertote2346d ago

Even something like the FF9 partial co op in the battle system. Much yes.

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mockzer02346d ago

This would make me buy this game even if it was somewhat mediocre.

Godmars2902346d ago

And this is why Square has fallen from grace: expecting gamers to "beg" for something which could potentially attract more gamers.

mockzer02346d ago

That seems true of most developers these days. I think it's just so difficult to make these jaw dropping games anymore that they just can't fit everything in that they'd like too... Unless you pay for dlc that is. 😋

Kashima2346d ago

Put playable female characters and i'll bait.

Snookies122346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Technically there's only one playable character who happens to be male. I expect we'll have at least one female guest member, and guest members control the same way as the other three main party characters. (Meaning you can switch to their view briefly for special attacks.)

DragonKnight2346d ago

"Put playable female characters"


Kashima2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Because "i'm simple man i see playable cute girls i buy"! ,not interested with kpop boys band.

DragonKnight2346d ago

You realize there is free porn games online right? I mean since all you want out of games is to gawk at pixelized representations of girls.

fromchildren2344d ago

They are cute so why not.
I would rather stare at a female character than a male one.
There is a thing called preference, Perverts such as myself prefer to look at Sexy Women.
NOT saying they SHOULD add female playable characters, I am just trying to say it would be nice to have them.

For those who have a mindset of “female characters should not be in games” and calling others a SJW, please just have a look at your own word and tell me you aren't an SJW.

I see not harm in having playable female cast, especially in a side online Co-op session or even pvp. I mean why would you want a bunch of Noctises on the same field that's like having 100 kiritos playing a SAO game.

DragonKnight2344d ago

Who said anything about not having playable female characters? I asked why it matters and the responses given are frankly disturbing. You all give power to SJWs by saying you prefer female characters so you can drool over pixeled representations of women. The actual character doesn't matter to you, just some fake ass wiggle. That's pretty sad.

Gustertote2344d ago

Diversity? I'm still not sure how I feel about Noctis and his gang of bros bro-ing around.

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iTechHeads2346d ago

Go play Final Fantasy XIII.

Kashima2346d ago

Already did and all previous ff games too.

gerol2346d ago

i dont get the downvotes. I'd rather play female characters than Kpop boy band wannabees

Kashima2345d ago

The downvoters are properly gay or sexist.

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-Foxtrot2346d ago

Let us switch characters first and control them fully

Movefasta19932346d ago

It's after the base game, if it's optional why not?ONly if it works of course.Imagine playing through the whole game coop with a friend?That would be awesome.But only if it WORKS well and it isn't a lazy tack on.

-Foxtrot2346d ago

Why not? I've literally just said why

Let us control each character first THEN do something else.

We should be able to use each character like we saw in Nomura's trailers years ago.

Movefasta19932346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Yeah but it's fair to assume this isn't something they can just rush since the game is almost out,it will most likley be months after the game releases when we see this.

Irishguy952346d ago

Ahh, either of them would be alot more work, I agree with you for sure though. The link system at the moment is totally built around Noctis you know?

PhoenixUp2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

That'd be nice if they can implement it in FFXV, but I'm not fretting about it.

In fact I hope KH3 has a multiplayer mode like CoM, 358/2 Days, and Birth By Sleep had