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Final Fantasy XIII was released in Japan in December 2009 and Worldwide in March 2010. As the title suggests, it is the thirteenth instalment in the series. Development began in 2004 and the game was initially showed at E3 2006. It was originally supposed to be released on the PS2 but got pushed back with the PS3 coming out.

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PhoenixUp720d ago

I somewhat enjoyed this title for what it was, but I loved FFXIII-2 even more

Jls1720d ago

I really enjoyed this game not so much the second cause time travel. I still remember how i struggled with this boss lol.

LAWSON72720d ago

Yeah that was one of the more tough missions, this game for some reason was a pretty enjoyable platinum

kindkinesis720d ago

played it but was very disappointed with my purchase, the story is mediocre and voice acting is so annoying especially of that pink haired girl. gameplay was good tho.

Elda720d ago

FF-XIII is one of my top favorite FF games the 2 sequels should have never happened,imo one was boring & the other was just bad.

PaleMoonDeath720d ago

Really isn't that good a game, still haven't finished it.

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