Why I'm Going from General Gamer to Primarily PlayStation

"For me, choosing to indulge in my gaming hobby on the PlayStation is simply a more enjoyable experience overall, and with my own individual gaming persona and interests, going from what was once essentially a neutral gamer to a, for all intents and purposes, member of Team PlayStation, is a decision I can proudly stand behind. I’m not going to abandon my currently owned Xbox consoles, but on a going forward basis, it doesn’t make sense for me to follow any other direct path except for Sony’s…and if there’s an Xbox exclusive that I absolutely must purchase, as long as Microsoft continues to bring those exclusives to PC, I’ll be sure to make more use out of mine." - Mason Gordon-Levitt, NerdBite


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Jamester07221740d ago

I completely understand. It's hard to be gamer and focus on all 3 systems. You just need to make a choice to have one as your main console. For many generations I tried to get every console, but so far this generation I've stuck with Wii U and Xbox One. I want to get a Playstation (eventually, hopefully), but with getting older, my time and my money because a much more precious commodity!

piroh1739d ago

I own Wii U for exclusives (Yoshis story, Super mario 3D world...), same with X1 (Forza M/H) but still 90% of my gaming time goes to PS4. I dont wanna abandon bigN or X1 but as you said its harder and harder to be a general gamer

Kribwalker1739d ago

Im similar but opposite. I have my PS4 for exclusives but primarily play on my Xbox one. I just recently bought ratchet and clank remake for $20 and started playing that one as a change of pace. That is my favourite PS series

darthv721739d ago

I'd give up all my nintendo, xbox and PS gaming systems and games just to have Sega back in the market. They really knew how to make a great arcade experience at home with their games / systems.

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notachance1739d ago

true enough, ever since I work full time I barely had any time to game even on the weekend. My backlog is never going to be completed now with all the PC, PS4, 3DS, and Vita games I have yet to play... hell there are about 10 physical copies of game I haven't even opened and this is all when I'm still single. I can't imagine what would happen next year after I'm married..

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Thatguy-3101739d ago

generally speaking the xbox and playstation play the majority of the same games. One of the main reasons I game only on playstation is simply because I enjoy it's exclusives and I dont feel like i'm missing out since xbox exclusives dont interest me. That being said I'm more than positive people that game only on xbox feel the same. I just don't see the point in shelling out on a console just for a few games.

xfiles20991739d ago

Same way I feel I bought a Xbone last year and bought a PS4 at launch I own 50 games on my PS4 and 5 games on Xbone. I feel I wasted money on a Console I barley play. I would get more use out of it if I made it a doorstop,

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rainslacker1739d ago

I don't really focus. I just play the games where they're available. For multi-plat gaming I tend to go with PS just because I'm more invested in the eco-system, and prefer the controller, but beyond that, it's just a matter of where the games are that I want to play.

xfiles20991739d ago

So true I mean you can only play one game at a time, I decided to drop Xbox after the Switch reveal PS4 and The Switch is all I need. I will get most every multiplat on the PS4 Pro. But man trying to juggle 3 consoles two hand helds and a PC That is hard to keep up with . Finding that one console you can connect with there is nothing wrong with simplifying your life and saving a few bucks don't hurt either.

starchild1739d ago

Everyone has their own preferences. And it's not uncommon for people to switch their primary platform from time to time. I'm not sure we really need an article about one person's preference since we all have our own, but I guess if it stirs discussion then no harm done.

I do understand the aspect regarding not having time for every platform. Nobody has time to play every game, but I find that as I get older I have less time for gaming and although I still love it I probably won't bother getting every platform. The PC gets 90% of my playtime but I have a couple consoles too. The Nintendo Switch also looks promising.

Aceman181739d ago

90% of my gaming is done on PS4, the other 10% on WiiU for a few exclusiveseconds I love from them. I did have an X1 but sold it this summer to my friend for her son.

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-Foxtrot1740d ago

I wouldn't align myself to any.

Preference, at what a company is currently doing...yes but not fully align from a neutral spot.

Valenka1740d ago

It's not so much alignment, but deciding that one instead of both makes more sense to some individuals.

ArchangelMike1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

It's not about alignment really, more that time and money is limited - especially as we get older and have greater responsibilities and jobs etc. It's about where do I want to spend most of my gaming time (and money); which platform offers the best of both worlds?

I really envy people who can afford all consoles and have time to play games across the multiple platforms. I own a PC and PS4, and my backlog on both is really embarrassing. My mates laugh at me for being more of a game collector, than and actual gamer as it is. I simply can't afford (both in terms of time and money) another console, I just have to pick one and stick with it.

miyamoto1739d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I chose them group of people who chose to grow, nourish, and lead the video game industry forward.
Them who proactively work hard to advance the technology.
Them who grow with the gamers.

Like them people who introduced optical disc storage for gaming. A medium still pretty much in use even after 22 years.

I do not support other group of people who just wanna make money out of this industry and just react to the real leaders.

Bitter Irony, eh?
Nintendo went mobile under pressure from them shareholders. LOL!


Not all. And history proved that the gamers voted them out with their wallets.

Kribwalker1739d ago

So you are a Nintendo gamer then? Because Sony as a business relies on PlayStation to stay profitable and afloat, and MS who have a tonne of money but wanna make more. Nintendo is really the only company that legitimately care about the gamers and not the shareholders as evidenced by a lot of their decisions.

starchild1739d ago

All platforms and game companies contribute to the advancement of this medium. To say otherwise is pure delusion.

MasterCornholio1739d ago

I just buy the systems that have the games that I want to play. Last generation I owned a 360 early on but once Kinect arrived I switched over to the PS3 because it had exclusives that I wanted to play. At the start of this generation I went with PS4 because it had the exclusives that I enjoyed.

I'm like this with a systems. If it has enough games that interest me I will buy it.

darthv721739d ago

You waited for kinect to switch to the PS3...? Damn son, you really missed out. Better late than never i guess.

MasterCornholio1739d ago

I mean once Microsoft started to focus on Kinect I saw little reason to stay with them so I left. Bought myself a slim PS3 with Uncharted 2 as my first game.

Aloy-Boyfriend1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I was like this with the Wii. Once the motion control fad worn off, I bought a PS3 in december 2010. Best decision ever! By that time there lots of titles to choose from. I bought Assassins creed 2, God of War 3, Metal Gear solid 4, and Final Fantasy XIII. Later I downloaded Uncharted 2 demo and went to Gamestop to buy it right away. Then couple months later I stumbled upon Arkham Asylum... Man I got the console really late but I enjoyed it a lot.

The only PS console I got before was the PS2 with Fee games. It was until the PS3 That I became a huge fan. Not living anytime soon. Ninty is irrelevant to me

darthv721739d ago

did you at least go back through the initial catalog to play games like heavenly sword, motorstorm and the like? Many who jump in after the fact tend to not look back at release games and only focus on the ones at or around the time they jump in.

On a side note, there are still lots of 360 and Ps3 games i am finding that i never played before which makes my entry into the PS4 and XB1 even slower to move forward. Hell... I'm even finding PS1 and Ps2 games i never played that are occupying my time.

MasterCornholio1739d ago

Yeah I played the first Uncharted, Demon Souls, Infamous, GOW3, Resistance Fall of Man and Metal Gear Solid 4. I picked most of them up used for very little.

subtenko1739d ago

(why I wanna play a variety of games and have the best of everything)

PlayStation is a great console to get pretty much any gaming experience you want. Only thing it doesnt have is a repo of free downloadable games other than the ps store (as in sites like moddb) and consistent flow of mods.

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Sayai jin1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Ok. Good for you. To me their pieces of plastic, metal, etc. I play games I like, I do not feel I need to show alliance to a brand.

Utalkin2me1739d ago

Its goes beyond the general piece of plastic concept. Some companies treat their customers different then other customers.

That would be like Wendys being my favorite burger of fast food. If they keep making me waiting for my food for long periods of time, or i get my food and it's cold or screw up my order all the time. Then im not going to buy any food from them anymore. Im not going to be blinded by just cause it's Wendys and my favorite.

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