Top 10 PS4 Horror Games to Creep You Out this Halloween

COG writes - Halloween is nearly here so naturally, you probably want to scare yourself stupid with the best horror games available. We've got you covered.

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thelaughingwiseman2830d ago

I've been waiting for the the horror game catalog to expand for the PS4. It is my favorite genre. Outlast, Until Dawn, Bloodborne, Layers of Fear. I am not counting remasters, remakes and stuff like that.

Digital_Anomaly2830d ago

A demo that is no longer easily accessible shouldn't trump a full game. I mean PT was goddamn terrifying but it wasn't a full experience.


Report: Bloodborne PS5 Version Listed in PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars has a Bloodborne PS5 version listed! Does this mean we're finally getting a Bloodborne remaster?

LG_Fox_Brazil13d ago


SimpleSlave13d ago

Not just for you. It WAS the game of that Generation and one of the greatest game ever made.

fr0sty13d ago

I tried so hard to get into it... just not my cup of tea. Maybe I'll try again if they drop a remaster.

Juiceup13d ago

Agreed. Easily one of my favorite games of all time.

jznrpg13d ago

It’s one of the best games all time for sure

Ethereal12d ago

Agreed. It was my favorite game from last generation as well.

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kenpachi13d ago

Must be a mistake when you click on it goes back to PS4 everything else is listed for PS5

LordStig13d ago

Framerate drops in a souls game is not a problem. It's a challenge.

Tacoboto12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Base Xbox One version of a soulslike with stick drift and a faulty bumper for the biggest challenge

Abnor_Mal13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I’ve been playing the old hunters dlc recently, bought it when first released but just had it sitting. Finally got to it and just beat the lady in the clocktower. About to traverse the fishing village, when I finish the dlc I will start playing Forspoken.

Aloymetal13d ago

Yes sir!
I have spent an unhealthy amount of hrs on that game including the dlc, 2k to be more accurate lol. Love that game.

Abnor_Mal13d ago

Oh definitely agree with that.

@Aloymetal that’s insane hours of play, I thought I was doing something with my 334 hours lol

anast13d ago

It's amateur hour for me. I only got about 300. I got some work to do. I'm going to put in a couple right now. I just got re-hyped.

GaboonViper13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Enjoy Bro, the evil behind the clocktower is tense AF.

@Aloymetal I have just over 1K hours in Bloodborne, one of the best games ever.

Zenzuu13d ago

Forspoken is a horrible game. I tried giving it a chance, and spent quite a bit of time with it, but ended up dropping it.

KevtheDuff12d ago

Each to their own. I loved playing it and really enjoyed the combat system. My wife now has over 200 hours and is still enjoying playing it.
That doesn't invalidate your feelings, but is offered to demonstrate that there are plenty of people who liked it regardless of bad press.

Elda13d ago

You waited 9 years to play the dlc...lol??

CantThinkOfAUsername12d ago

Don't forget to torture yourself a little with Laurence after you finish the Fishing Hamlet.

zaanan12d ago

If the giant shark dudes give you trouble, you can snipe them from doorways.

Aussiesummer12d ago

Oh the orphan of kos, he will show you such sites. Good luck.

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