Interviews// Turok Walks Again

Josh Holmes is the founder, VP and CEO of Propaganda Studios the developers behind Buena Vista Games' (BVG) all new Turok. An affable and pretty articulate chap in his thirties, he also strikes you as cooler – or at least, less geeky – than the average developer. And if Turok turns out to be a big hit, he could develop a decent profile within the industry – particularly considering that it is the first game from a start-up company.

Propa-who-da? You ask. To be honest, it would be impressive if you had heard of Propaganda Studios, since the company has only been around since 2005. Unsurprisingly, since it is based in Vancouver, the initial core of four founders, which rapidly grew to 18 people or so, came from EA Canada. It rapidly expanded to about 110 staff.

Founder, VP and CEO Josh Holmes says that originally, the company started working with BVG on a different concept, but heard that BVG was acquiring the Turok licence. Holmes says: "We were big fans of the original game on the N64. So we put together a pitch to make the game for BVG." By April 2005, BVG had bought Propaganda. Holmes says the studio has some other concepts in development, and that its ultimate goal is to support three development teams.

Spong travelled to Vancouver in order to get find out about the man, the company and, of course, the dinosaur hunting game that seemed all but dead and gone.

During this interview SPOnG also got the low-down on PS3 dev-kit, the difficulties of working with the Unreal Engine 3, and why developers can and should have more power than publishers.

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