Why The Nintendo Switch Is Set Up For Failure

Nintendo Switch does look cool. But unfortunately, New Rising Media believes novel concepts aren’t all you can have in a rather archaic industry, which seems to be more focused on speeds and feeds than ever.

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criticalkare724d ago

And these pointless clickbait articles pop up

gamer7804723d ago

He analyzed current info, I don't think it was clickbait at all. I totally agree no one is going to multiplayer game with half a controller, it will be underpowered and due to arm lack alot of 3rd party support.

EddieNX 723d ago

Lots of rumours seem to suggest that you can port Xbox1 and Ps4 games to it with ease. But ok bud, let's just jump to the conclusion that it can't run anything just to satisfy peoples unnecessary hatred.

It's actually an incredibly powerful tablet that can run current gen games, that's the way I see it.

723d ago
gamer7804723d ago


Its a logical conclusion without detailed info from Nintendo. I didn't say there wouldn't be any 3rd party but it would be lacking in comparison to other consoles, porting X86 to X86 is much easier than X86 to ARM, thats inarguable.

gbsrnctaln723d ago

More like 1/4 of a controller. Those things are fuckin TINY. The screen is reported to be 6.5", barely bigger than a phablet Im holding.

kstuffs723d ago

There is nothing to stop each of these players to have a real controller that look like the XB1. Even with this larger controller the NSwitch is still more portable.

b777conehead723d ago

How do you know if you tried it .

NXSwitch723d ago

So everyone in the world came to you & said they don't like that, ok.

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NohansenBoy723d ago

It's only clickbait until it's true, eh?


its clickbait because the headline is in the form of a question, and the article serves no purpose and provides no useful information.

gbsrnctaln723d ago

"Why the Nintendo Switch is set up for failure"

So that is in the form of a question??? Lay off the kush buddy.

NohansenBoy723d ago

K, but I still have no faith in Nintendo.

seanpitt23723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

It dosnt appeal to me when I play games I like to chill out on the sofa and play on my big TV. The whole idea of taking it out and playing is more for the younger audience.
when I leave the house the last thing on my mind is to play a video game.
We all know its going to be underpowered so the only reason to buy it is the mobility on taking jt while your traveling.

fanboysmackdown723d ago

They're only pointless articles to the fanboys who wear their rose colored glasses who can't see past their noses. This thing will flame out almost as quick as the WiiU.

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miyamoto724d ago

Grey color instead of white like the Wii & Wii U????
Are they aiming for the hardcoregamer?

_-EDMIX-_723d ago

I agree it's a day one for me and it's also why I start to worry as well because it's aimed towards the more hardcore demographic sort of like all the GameCube was and that was not really that successful so I am a bit worried about how it's going to perform because I also understand it doesn't have any of its non-gamer gimmicks to move ridiculous units.

But it is a portable and those do extremely well in Japan so I believe they'll be lucky if it does just as good as 3DS and maybe that's not that bad.

gbsrnctaln723d ago

Oh I love it, its grey and black, must be for the hardcore lol

Phunkydiabetic1723d ago

And this is why Nintendo keeps putting out garbage for the past two decades. People like you just blindly falling in love with whatever Nintendo puts out.

_-EDMIX-_723d ago

@phunk- lol where is wonderful monkey man when you need him he needs to seriously read your comment!!! Lol

For your information I didn't purchase the Wii U I don't actually purchase everything that they put out if I feel it's not good enough I believe this device is good enough and I like that they're not going towards gimmicks at the end of the day all I seriously wanted was a handheld that had the ability to play on the TV.

To my understanding no touch screen, no gyro, no motion, just gaming isn't that what we wanted?

I would hardly say I'm blindly falling in love with anything in fact if you read my comment you would know that I've been extremely critical about most of the things that this company has done but I believe what they're doing currently is legitimately good and they're not seeking the "gimmick".

Yes the feature has been done several times before by several other devices but I think that this is the direction this company needs to go to have some form of stability.

I think that this is necessary for them to do even if it's not going to get them a crap load of sales from non-gamers because I believe the problem with something like that is it adds to a number of an install base that in my personal opinion is not healthy enough to carry a company it's just a bunch of people that want a novelty and what they need is to Market to a base of consumers that will actually really buy games and spend money on services so what I seen from their marketing is they're focusing on the core and not necessarily on the non-gamer gimmick novelty crowd I think they'll be fine with what they're doing and like I said all you have to do is read my comment I'm probably one of the most critical people that critiques Nintendo on this site.

I believe some of their higher-ups are incompetent and I even believe it's a possibility of one of their core members trying to purposely sabotage the company because there have been many mistakes that they've made that just don't make any sense and defy all business logic.

And what I'm seeing right now is not a bad thing it's a good thing I definitely like what they're doing and I definitely believe that this is the position they need to take even if they get Less sales at least they're getting sales that counts from consumers that will be investing in the platform long-term the goal is not to move lots of plastic the real goal is to get people to purchase it with intent to continue to actually buy games and pay for services on the device that actually is the real goal of console sales it actually really isn't just the bare system itself and if Nintendo's focusing on services that is good for all consumers because it actually means they're going to support the platform as opposed to leave you high and dry once you purchase their plastic.

Phunkydiabetic1723d ago

You said "it's a day one for me" and you know next to nothing about the "Switch" (really Nintendo? Ugh)

Sounds like you are blindly falling in love in the most literal sense there bud.

DarthZoolu723d ago

Umm GameCube was one of their best consoles. The only issue with GameCube was 3rd parties.

_-EDMIX-_723d ago

@phuck- I know enough to know I can play on the television and because I want the company's games specifically the other details don't necessarily matter to me.

I don't think you understand how important it is that all the development support is going towards one device. If that wasn't the case then I would still be on the fence. This might be the first time someone's even questioned that to me lol

I never purchased a Wii U because of the same reasons, fragmented install base.

Sure bud.

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RevXM723d ago

I like it. if it were white it would look dirty pretty fast from carrying it around and holding it.
Having a white colored option would be nice though, but dark grey looks nice to me.

spaceb0y723d ago

what a load of bullshit..let's give it a chance and see

masterfox723d ago

what chance you wan't to give to that damn thing ? is just a damn tablet with gamepad addons, believe me devs/game publishers won't focus all their workforce just to adapt(heavily downgraded) their games on this thing.

rjason12723d ago

Wow, won't even give the thing a chance.

DarthZoolu723d ago

The time to believe anything is when it's either been proven or has evidence that points to it being true. Honestly with history the only thing that we have evidence of is their systems being underpowered, having no 3rd party support, and there being little to no 1st party games for people that arent fans of games targeting the youth. Maybe it will be awesome but no one should believe that it will be awesome until they've seen it be awesome.

never4get723d ago Show
Fist4achin723d ago

I agree. The 3ds wasn't much to look at, but the games are a blast. I felt the same about the Wii as there were a bunch of hidden gems tof play there as well. I think it is looking pretty cool and with how Nintendo cornered the market with games for the 3ds, they should do well.

shloobmm3723d ago

Its going to dominate the handheld market and thats all it needs to do. Its a brilliant move by Nintendo. They know handhelds sell and its been a while since there was a true upgrade in that market. Its guaranteed to sell well. If people dont want it as a console they will still buy it for its portability

freshslicepizza723d ago

how can it dominate when we dont know the price? im sure some thought the same thing with the playstation vita when it too was first announced.

nintendo jjst wanted to get the word out before christmas shopping but they failed once again to be open and are not talking about it until january.

rjason12723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

Well for one, it's very unlikely that Sony will make another handheld console after the vita, so Nintendo now pretty much owns the handheld market, which obviously means that this device will get the latest handheld mainly games such as monster hunter.

@darth Why are you being such a dick? The tone of my reply wasn't even condescending or anything. All I pointed out was that their new system (at least the portable part of it) will have no conpitition as Sony likely isn't gonna make another handheld after Vita unfortunately.

ElectricFeel723d ago

Well, time will progress, and then we will know the price when they tell us. I think that's how it works. I don't see why they'd be in a rush due to Christmas when it doesn't come out until March. How does that make sense? Lol.

723d ago
freshslicepizza723d ago

announcing it prior to christmas may hold off some buyers who might have thought of getting something else, not too complicated to understand

DarthZoolu723d ago

Are you listening? he didn't say something was making another console, he said there's no proof it will dominate.

NXSwitch723d ago

It will sell just like $899 smart phones & $600 console systems have been doing these past years & continue to do so. So they can't dominate Just because Nin wants to climb the $ range & be like the other money hungry bastards that have been doing it for years.

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miyamoto723d ago

Nintendo and Sony handheld gaming devices made for young gamers market = success
Nintendo and Sony handheld gaming devices made for adult gamers market = epic fail

Nightmar3Demom723d ago

So it's going to dominate a market that only Nintendo is in anyhow? Well, that does guarantee dominance.

peewee11016723d ago

What you blind fanboys dont see and where he is right is. There is not fucking info. AT ALL on a system that comes out in 4-months.

rjason12723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

Oh yeah, they're blind fanboys, but not the people who are spreading false information about the console, and specs. They're automatically correct I guess.

I agree that people who think it's the "best thing ever" are blind too like the ones stating it's gonna sell over 100 mil systems with no info at all. But the dude is already stating it's gonna fail without knowing anything.

Red_Renegade723d ago

what's false? since we don't know anything, it's just a guess. people like you who assume it's the best thing ever are the blind ones.

jaymacx723d ago

nothing about being blind... even with Nintendo's worst "failures" system-wise I always had tons of fun with the software made. Thats what most people who like Nintendo have faith in. Same way Sony fanboys have faith in Naughty Dog etc. I tend to give the BIG Three (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) a fair chance. Some things I like and some things I don't but the hate towards Nintendo on these boards is ridiculous.

Let the Holidays Go by and then Nintendo can give us the details we need before making a buying choice. New consoles get me exited

peewee11016723d ago

Naught dog has yet to fail us. unlike the Paper weight WII U i have.

DarthZoolu723d ago

It's not ridiculous have you ever thought that people may actually want to play Nintendo games we just want them to be worth our attention. There is not a single Nintendo game that lives up to the technological advances of games inside of the same genre is that they make. Zelda may be fun but it has aged terribly, it should be more advanced than Skyrim seeing how much older it is. In essence you have a teenager more intelligent than a full grown adult.