Does renting games pay off

Me and the sales manager at Gamestop got into a discussion in the store as to the pro's and con's of renting games instead of just out and out buying them and trading them back in if you do not like the game. Huh, can you imagine a Gamestop employee trying to explain the benefits of trading in video games to them for the meager trade in values they offer.

I am using GameFly in my article because that is the service I have found the most value with. In the past I used a service called GameRang, but did not find their service as good a deal. But if you shop around there are many companies out there that I have heard good things about such as Intelliflix, GameFly, Block Buster.

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MicroGamer5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

You lose too much money if you just play them a few times then give them back. I only buy games that I know I will be playing a long time, so once I own them they stay with me until they stop working. Renting is a waste of money, too.

Dick Jones5228d ago

Only thing missing from the article which i would like to know is does Gamefly ship you the games with the original box and instructions. Also if they do, are you saying you can just buy the copy they sent you? Thx

THAMMER15228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

It is simple math. 1 game a month is $14.95 and you have no late fees. I was buying 1 game a month for $64.00 after tax. Game fly = $179.40 a year. Buying every game I want is $768.00 - $1000.00 or more a year. And even better is every 3 months they give you back $5.00. And you can buy the games they have at a discount price. Good times baby.

MicroGamer5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

is that once you give the game back, you have to rent it again if you want to play it again. If you own the game, you can it play it as much as want to forever or you can trade or share games with a friend without worrying about losing value and without paying any rental fees at all.

Also, do you really trust a rental company with thousands of members when it comes to buying used games?? I would rather stick with GS/EBG and get a 30 day warranty with my games and be sure I get a box and manual and everything that is supposed to come with it.

atomheart5228d ago

For over a year, and finally quit due to:
Long Ship times
Lack of availability of games I wanted
Too high a price.

I then went to gameznflix, but while being cheaper and having quicker ship times, their customer service was horrible. Cut and paste answers. So I quit them.

Now? I just signed up for The most shipping centers, they say.

(#2 - when you decide you want to buy a game you rented from Gamefly, they bill you, then ship you out the original box and instructions in mint condition, no shipping charges.)

MikeIsOnFire845228d ago

Can you tell me more about Gamesnflix? The company does sound tempting because you can rent games and movies,but how are the wait times?

Mikey_Gee5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

Each and every time you get HOSED UP THE AZZ !!

If I trade in a game I payed $50 plus for (in Canada many times $70 and tax) and I will get a BIG FAT $20 for it and in some cases under $10 ... WHAT IS THE POINT.

Maybe if I was a school kid with a paper route .. but even then ... nahh. I spend more in coffee in a week at work. If all I can get is a $20 for a game .. I will let it sit and rot rather than take that kind of hit.

My local Paintball field has a forum with a Gamer section and we set up a "GAME TRADES" section on our forum. It works FANTASTIC ... you can usually get a straight up one for one on games from other gamers/friends or a two for one depending on the game.

Plus with online play, it makes game have HUGE STAY POWER. I still play COD2 like a religion even though I have COD3. For me it is all about the multiplayer. That is the main factor a game is even bought by me.

As for renting, I like it ... to me it is a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY kind of deal. Plus, at my BB if I rent a game ($10) and like it and decide to keep it, they only charge me the remander of the game price since I have already gave them $10.

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