If the Nintendo Switch trailer looked a little familiar, it's not Déjà vu.

Nintendo's Switch Reveal trailer is almost shot for shot remake of the "A Day With PlayStation" ad from Sony's Pre-TGS Press Conference 2013.

For comparison:
First Look at Nintendo Switch (2016):
A Day With PlayStation:

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Star511739d ago

Eerily similarl. Lots of repeating motiffs

MK24ever1739d ago

Don't say that, Nintendo only does unique things, they are the really pioneers in the video-game industry, just look at all the new IPs they made in the last decade... or 2 decades... wait. not the best example. /s off. I think the NX will sell around the same amount as the WiiU sold, when it was announced it was the holy grail to, the rabid Nintendo Fanatics are great hyping stuff, but they just aren't enough to make a console successful, I was hoping to jump to Nintendo with the NX, I was really thinking they would learn and go back to a more traditional Nintendo console, powerful and with some great new games on top of some Good Mario games, but I get no SNES or Nintendo 64 vibes with this NX, I get vibes of a WiiU 2.0 or PS4+Vita remote play....

zaherdab1739d ago

to each his own dude .. if nintendo has fans it's for a reason they make good games, no need to call anyone rabbid or whatever i enjoy their games as i enjoy other consoles.

rjason121739d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Just like your comments.

Lol, it's good that you have a good sense of humor in this.

Hoffmann1739d ago

I upvoted your comment because it is so good!

McToasty2071739d ago

Of course if your way behind the competition follow what the market leaders doing and if possible do it better, that's clearly what Switch is attempting the same interconnectivity Sony promised with the PS4 and Vita but having it truly be one platform.

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The story is too old to be commented.