Red Dead Redemption 2: PlayStation and Rockstar Games announce partnership

For the past 20 years, Rockstar have continually redefined the concept of open worlds. From the record breaking Grand Theft Auto series, the Midnight Club racing games, the schoolyard comedy Bully, to the breakout hit Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar have consistently delivered on a level that few have managed to match. Now, following up Grand …

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Herbalistic2528d ago

I'm not surprised being as R* and Sony have always had a great relationship

UCForce2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Yup, just like Kojima and Sony have great partnership.

Edit : @Septic Not just money. It's also trust. What I mean trust is that Rockstar have strong relationships with Sony for a long time back in PS2 era. Kojima relationship with Sony is different than other, Kojima praised Sony for giving him so much freedom of creativity.

Gazondaily2528d ago

Money spent well here by Sony.

gangsta_red2528d ago

Yea, trusting that check cleared.

Sony is definitely spending that timed exclusive money on third parties a lot more this gen. Something that was frowned upon last gen.

Concertoine2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

You cant honestly say that the PS4 is getting early access content... becase Rockstar TRUSTS them? Gimme a break.

Sony penned a fat check just like MS did for GTA 4's DLC. Even with the PS4 as the dominant platform, Rockstar has become so massive now that anybody has to pay big for exclusive anything.


You do understand that's not how it works right? Playstation and Xbox are both massive sources of income. Even if the Xbox sold half of that number that's still hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue from the lower selling platform.

Sony had to provide an immediate payment that satisfied Rockstar enough to postpone millions of dollars of revenue to make content temporarily exclusive.

Eonjay2528d ago

Didn't GTA 5 sale like 25-30 million on PlayStation consoles. Yeah it makes sense. You go to where the money is. And whatever Sony paid them is just extra really.

Gazondaily2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Dat trust:


It's just money hatting. Standard practice. Nothing more beyond that based on what we know.

It's a smart move by Sony that's all.

Microsoft have lost out here. They could have leveraged the deal with marketing the Scorpio version (if there is one) by saying that the definitive version is available on their console.

Expect a Destiny type sly ad because this is a big game.

Thatguy-3102528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

This is when marketshare comes into play. Big titles like this always go with the console that's market leader at the time why do you think none of the huge third party games have partnered with MS. Obviously money comes into play but don't think that MS will have to pay the same amount of money that Sony is paying to secure these big marketing deals.

Palitera2528d ago

Don't think "trust" as on personal relations.

It is probably meant here as "good relationship between the companies". And yes, in case you don't know, it is also VERY important.

Aloy-Boyfriend2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )


Maybe if Microsoft didn't stop making games of their own and relied on COD and third party deals, it wouldn't have been a problem.

This is Sony's money and they can spend it in whatever they want, but as long as they keep making their own stuff it is all fine.

And don't you think this is MS avoiding the deals themselves. They lost the marketshare and that is why Sony has most of the deals. It is not MS choice anymore

Unchartedshark2528d ago


Give 'em a break. This man knows big business. He's a big business guy who needs a break. Let him have it.
He understands all the big business an-and knows how to use pie charts. what a business man.

_-EDMIX-_2528d ago

I mean I actually think that's quite a stretch, yes they both have a pretty cozy partnership but I would not say it's the same considering Kojima is actually making a game under Sony I think this is simply due because Sony is the market leader not to say that they don't have a great relationship or partnership in regards to business but where was this last generation?

Even though I really like Sony and I really like Rockstar I'm not going to just disregard that there's business at play and there's a logical reason behind this.

xHeavYx2528d ago

This is going to enrage a lot of people *grabs popcorn*

ziggurcat2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )


"It's just money hatting. Standard practice. Nothing more beyond that based on what we know.

It's a smart move by Sony that's all.

Microsoft have lost out here..."

except it's just MP content, which'll just amount to some character skins, weapons that probably aren't any better than what's already in the game, and maybe a few maps. i wouldn't even really consider this that big of a deal. it'd be more of an "issue" if this timed exclusivity deal was on the entire game - and even then i think it'd only be a problem if there was no indication when R* announced the game that it was a PS timed exclusive.

Blastoise2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

@Playstation fanboys

Stop pretending Sony didn't pay for this partnership

@Xbox fanboys

Stop pretending you're not mad that Microsoft didn't do it first

gangsta_red2528d ago


With your reply to me you still seem to be under the illusion that market share played any part in Rockstar's decision. Sony paid for this plain and simple, I'm sure if MS wrote a bigger check you would see this content for Xbox.

ULTp0ltergeist2528d ago

It's just exclusive content, has nothing to do with "strong relationships" or Playstation having more hardware sells. This is just hardware promotion if anything, Microsoft could promote their own content but chose not to. Probably bundles on launch day obviously.

Christopher2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Eh, I don't think trust or whatever has squat to do with this. It's 1. Market Reach 2. Money. Plain and simple, IMHO.

***Sony had to provide an immediate payment that satisfied Rockstar enough to postpone millions of dollars of revenue to make content temporarily exclusive.***

Not immediate payment, but more than likely a contract to cover $10m or more in marketing costs.

starchild2528d ago

Nah, it's just a business deal really. Sony is definitely paying them, although I'm sure the larger market share of the PS4 makes it an easier decision.

morganfell2528d ago

Laughable. No one in this thread has the slightest idea what was paid for, how or how much, or why. Was market share considered and did that lessen the payment if one occurred? Is this a payback to Sony that was part of the missing Agent deal? No one knows.

No one. Assumptions in this situation are a type of self delusion.

That said, I do not agree with it. Just as I do not agree with the beta on COD being PS4 only at the start. I think the beta should have been all platforms but not everyone that preordered. A manageable number. Then let the second wave be everyone that preordered.

I am thinking Rockstar may actually run a MP beta as they push online more than they ever have in any previous game and Sony may have cornered that as they did with COD.

Also many of the people attacking Sony for moneyhatting were crickets when MS announced the Tomb Raider deal.

Gazondaily2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Lol at morganfells defence! 😂😂😂

What a long winded way of saying "leave Sony alone!"

So when the TR deal was made and people were crying, making online petitions, boycotting the game EVEN THOUGH the devs were saying it was because of good relations etc....did you guys also say 'let's not make assumptions'?

And then you celebrated a LIFETIME deal with Capcom for SF exclusivity. Oh it's because Sony helped with the development of the game....Remind me how well that turned out?

Lmao. It's money hatting pure and simple. Spare us the complete utter bullshit.

Man. Such an amazingly loyal fanbase

morganfell2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Well Septic since you are such an ardent reader where did I say Sony wasn't money hatting? I said we do not know the circumstances of said payments. Does that mean I do not think it was paying money or we do not know the situation under which the money changed hands? Did I say I agreed with what occurred? In my opening paragraph where did I deny money went from Sony to Rockstar? I said we do not know the circumstance for the money changing hands. I even put forth money may have changed hands years ago. Thus why there may not have been a chunk of money that Sony delivered in the past 30 days.

You really should read more carefully. For someone that works at a gaming website that writes - a situation where words are supposed to matter - you pay very little attention to them.

And Sony did pay for the development of SF. Blaming them for the way the game turned out is like blaming Yamaha when Jorge Lorenzo has a bad race. All the equipment and funding is there, its up to the person on the ground to make it happen. Misdirected blame demonstrates a lack of understanding of the process. If anything you sound bitter MS couldn't engineer the same deal with TR.

bouzebbal2527d ago

it all comes to the cash in the long run.
only EA (Titanfall 1) and a few others didn't get this.

Major_Glitch2527d ago

@Septic Hey there little buddy, how's MS "cloud powerz" working out for you? Did Titanfall sell 10 million copies yet? Remember that time you claimed Xbone had the best holiday lineup ever? Got any other wild claims you'd like to make? You're on a roll, why stop?

pyroxxx2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

@septic,.. has nothing to do with money I can assure you,.. Hell Rockstar has probably more disposable cash than Sony at this point ,.. They are friends,.. and just know who helped them get to where they are,.. same goes with Fromsoft and Miyazaki.

DarXyde2526d ago


There's a lot I can say about your reply to Morganfell, but Morganfell does not need me to defend him...so I won't do that. Looks like he's already got your number.

I will, however, say that your bias and generalizations are very apparent. First, there were a number of people who were upset by the Tomb Raider deal, but I certainly wouldn't say it was that many. PlayStation gamers were also expecting Uncharted 4 around that time before a delay was announced, you know. I really don't know why the community was so upset, but a recurring thing that I see is that it's due to PlayStation being the "home of Tomb Raider", whatever that means. I guess it'd be like Sony making a deal with Capcom for Dead Rising rights. Oh, and, please don't bring up the online petitions. I mean, have you seen the entitlement of PC gamers and their petition regarding Bloodborne?

Now about "celebrating" Street Fighter V, I don't think I know of anyone doing that. I mean, it's also on PC. And sure, it didn't turn out that well...at launch. I don't own it yet, but I hear it's pretty great now. You know what else Sony helped a studio develop and was arguably last year's best game? Bloodborne.

Is it moneyhatting? Probably. Likely. Almost certainly. I wouldn't chalk it up to developer relations, but it does make it easier. Rockstar does that, though: when Xbox 360 was regarded as the better partner and consumer favorite, it got DLC first for GTA IV. When PS2 was king of the hill, it got the GTA games first. Now, since we're more or less witnessing Sony's return to form, Rockstar appears to have some deal in place with Sony. Were ANY of the aforementioned deals financed? I can totally see it, but I'm just a consumer who happens to be a bit more insightful than the average gamer. By the way, were you outraged by that GTA IV deal? Probably not. Seems a little hypocritical to get bent out of shape and denigrate a fan base when you yourself are unlikely to hold yourself to the same standard.

But yeah, Sony has a pretty loyal fanbase. So blind and unyielding. So much so that not a single person who was all about PlayStation before jumped to the Xbox 360, amirite?! I'm sure that's also why the PS3 is the worst selling PlayStation console. Not like Xbox 360 sold any better than the original or the Wii outsold its competition or anything.

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Corpser2528d ago

It's just who's offerring more $$$$$

MasterCornholio2528d ago

Market share factors in as well.

Kryptix2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

I guess MS isn't graced by the infinite money cheat code that some people want to believe.

I know the deal wasn't free for Sony, but it also has something to do with their strong relationship... I mean, with Agent being worked on as a PlayStation exclusive, for example. I know it's been a long while, but that game's trademark was renewed again. Market share also plays a role in this.

Regardless, I'm not into timed exclusive deals at all and see them as a waste of money, but it's hilarious seeing how the same people that backed Tomb Raider's timed deal and didn't use the term, "money hat" at that time, use it now. Truly hilarious.


This is true! I bet all the in game shots shown were running on PS4 Pro! It's looks Amazing, if it comes out Fall 2017 then I will just pick it up on Scorpio instead on X1 IF I can afford one by then lol