The Nintendo Switch is Exciting and Forward-Thinking

Ben Eberle of Gamer Professionals writes:

"Nintendo finally revealed their “NX” console this morning, now officially known as the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese company has certainly had their missteps with hardware in recent memory. Most people agree that Nintendo are great game designers, but lack a solid grasp on what players want from their consoles. There’s no doubt that they are in a separate category aside from Playstation and Microsoft, but Switch is on a completely different level."

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GamerProfessionals2346d ago

First time in a long, long time that I've been interested in the company. Finally time to dust off the nintendo wallet and get ready to spend on that.

Kingthrash3602346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Holy mother of god.
This is my first time seeing it.
Looking like a day one for me...ps4p switch and xbo combo wallet breaker.
I'm happy for Nintendo.

Is it me or are the code names for console better than the actual name lol.
Neo>pro NX>switch I don't know what scorpio likely better than its actual name....I'd take dolphin over wii any day. Lol

Gazondaily2346d ago

Looks great. Hopefully it works well and has a decent battery life.

The portable nature of it is great. Nintendo- always changing the game.

mikeslemonade2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

HAHA shows how much of a gamer I am. I basically called this almost 2 years ago.

"Handheld you can dock", and no agrees.

I predicted Fall of 2016 release which is close enough. While you WiiU fans thought WiiU would have another 2-3 years.

Gazondaily2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )


"I basically called this almost 2 years ago. "

You also said it would be a joint venture between Microsoft and Nintendo 😂😂😂

"HAHA shows how much of a gamer I am. "

darthv722346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Wow... there is some impressive features for this device. I like how the side controllers can separate into individual controllers for head to head. I been saying for some time that there will likely be a hybrid system. I just didnt think it would be Nintendo releasing it. Good showing in the trailer.

@mike & abizz... it doesnt matter who said what first. hell I been saying for even longer that there would be portable that doubles as a home console ever since the PSP Go came out. Basically the Go could dock to a TV and use a regular controller but at the time the tech wasnt there to produce HD quality graphics. Now it is.

What would make this even more awesome is if the cart slot also accepted 3ds games so you could play those on a tv as well with some sort of filter to make them look good on a bigger screen (sans the 3d effect)

ABizzel12346d ago


I got you beat, by almost a year.

That being said what I find slightly funny about this entire situation is that this concept is nothing but a more powerful Wii U in reverse, where the handheld/gamepad comes first, and the docking to the TV comes second.

That being said I'm all for it. I like the Wii U, but it cost too much, the gaming library just wasn't there for me, and no one wanted to buy it.

Most of my friends prefer Nintendo's handhelds over their console, so this works for us. I truly feel this will be their only device for the next 5 years, so Nintendo can put 100% of their effort into this hybrid alone meaning all their IP's in one place FINALLY. And it looks like it's going to have the best of Wii U running on it, so gamers who skipped the console can have a second chance at playing those games.

mikeslemonade2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )


That was my wishful thinking. Microsoft would have came up something better than this with Nintendo.

Seems like a flop like the rest Nintendo's home consoles. They will only succeed if they bring in the 3DS devs and hault 3DS game development for the sake of helping this console.

But I will buy it as a I said. I got too much disposable income. I'm waiting for the preorders to appear for this flop of a console.

mikeslemonade2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )


Okay props to you. It was only logical for them to fuse there handheld market to home console. This is there way of giving up their traditional home consoles since they weren't making any money.
for email alerts for the preorder. Still no preordering yet.

ocelot072346d ago


I did the same thing but about 6 or so months ago over on the nintendo life forums. I said it sounds like it's going to be like the Neo Geo X console. It will be a handheld with a base station for the TV. As you can imagine not a lot of people was with me on it.

fr0sty2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

My thoughts... a compromise is going to have to be made somewhere. You can't squeeze a bright HD display, battery, and mobile processing units into a console and not gimp the console's power to keep costs down, or raise costs to keep power up, so I see this either being priced higher than Nintendo traditionally prices their consoles (rumored to be true, but doubtful because, Nintendo), or the system is going to again by significantly weaker than its competition, which is far more par for the course.

deafdani2346d ago

@ABizzel and @Mikeslemonade:

I called this out in an article I wrote 4 years and 7 months ago, a full 8 months before the Wii U even came out.

It's in spanish, but it basically says that Nintendo in a next iteration is going to move all of the internal processings in the controller itself, which you then will be able to play with on the Go, or dock to your TV at home to play it as a traditional console.

This Switch concept that Nintendo showed today actually goes beyond this, but the basic idea is the exact same.

So, I got all of you beat. *puts on cool sunglasses*

rainslacker2346d ago (Edited 2345d ago )


Meh, I got you all beat. Even though I didn't attribute it to Nintendo, since they were just releasing their WiiU at the time, I said if either MS or Sony came onto the E3 stage and presented something like this, they'd win. This was well before this generations reveal.

So there....I your proverbial faces! :)

JK, awesome looking system. Looking forward to it.

Those complaining about power....Take it for what it is. It's a souped up handheld, which can double as a home system. It's the best of both worlds, likely will be pretty affordable, and if the other rumors are true, will have more power with the docking base. As far as portables go, it's the best looking you can get outside of a $700-800 smart phone.

@Frosty below

Wasn't trying to say people would prefer a smart phone, or imply that the switch is a better deal due to price or whatever. Just that the graphics quality for games would likely only be available on a mobile device in that price range, as the lower end ones wouldn't be comparable. On top of that, the mobile devices aren't going to have the same resources available to it for actual gaming that the handheld platforms would have due to the bloated OS's, poor memory sizes and speeds, and general available resources within the system itself, which requires much more power to brute force higher end graphics.

But mostly, not about which is better for people, as it wasn't a contention of selling point, simply what it would take to get to the same level on the mobile end of things.

fr0sty2346d ago


The $700-800 smartphone thing isn't directly comparable since most people get their phones subsidized as part of their monthly plan, so they only end up spending a couple hundred at most. Furthermore, those cell phones are more powerful than the switch, and can do far more than just play games. Switch also only has a 720p screens, with modern phones exceeding 1080p and with HDR capability.

So, Nintendo does still have a hill to climb there.

deafdani2346d ago

I actually like Switch way more than NX, which sounded generic and unspecific. Switch perfectly encapsulates what this console's all about.

rainslacker2345d ago

"Is it me or are the code names for console better than the actual name"

Sometimes. But I can see a lot of the marketing for NX to be some play on the word Switch. Like, "make the Switch", kind of like Wii was "Wii want to play". Good way to go after the people who are so hung up on mobile devices...although I'm unsure how effective that'll be without throwing the Apple logo on there.

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NewMonday2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

exactly whet everyone thought it would be, good thing I held off the WiiU

now with good hardware we have the prospect of the Switch+PS4 combining to form a big market for Japanese developers

GamerProfessionals2346d ago

The Wii U isn't a bad console by any means, actually. The good games it does have are actually, well, for lack of a better term, really darn good. I think it's just been misconceived as a Wii accessory or upgrade rather than a separate console idea.

ABizzel12346d ago

The funny thing is this is nothing but a Wii U in reverse where the handheld comes first, and the home console comes second.

Which IMO is what Nintendo needs to do anyway.

As @GamerProfessionals said Wii U was a decent console, it just was a misfire on too many points. Price was too high, hardware was underpowered with a bad architecture for developers, support was bad, and for casual - modest Nintendo fans there simply weren't enough games to play.

Wii U unfortunately was an easy sale only for the most core of Nintendo gamers.

Thankfully with Switch (NX / Go would have been better), they have another chance to pull a Wii on us where they turn a failed console and concept (GameCube / Wii U), into a success (Wii / Switch). With the Wii U was the controller, but still using the innards of the GameCube. For Switch its the concept of Wii U in reverse, and using better hardware and architecture for better support.

EverydayGuy2346d ago

They make great handhelds, but on the console side there will probably lacking like mostly low and medium with some high setting. Hopfully there is a SLI configuration with the docking feature.

NorthernFrost2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Nintendo is back!

Eonjay2346d ago

Exactly! In much the same way the PS4 redeemed Sony and the PS3, it looks like Switch will redeem Nintendo and the Wii U. Also, with complete mobile support for all games - even third party, and what is sure to be a great price, this is the first chance I see at a company being able to challenge Sony's dominance in the marketplace. I think this will become just as essential as the PS4.

GamerProfessionals2346d ago

Who else can even think of novel ideas like this at this point in the game?

ShadowKnight2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

That's right buddy !!🙌

EddieNX 2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Nintendo fans finaly are finally getting what we deserve! It's amazing and any self respecting gamer is gunna want one.

@remix haha I might have to

remixx1162346d ago

So are you changing your name to EddieSwitch??

deafdani2346d ago

@remixx116: he's not changing his name... he's switching it.


subtenko2346d ago

not just yet,, aint being fooled by first impressions. I'll wait a year or two and see how they REALLY handle this.

If you think things cant turn out for the worst, ill use no mans sky as an example (yea I know they arent the only example)

rainslacker2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I think they have a hit on their hands.

Always said when Nintendo actually strikes gold, they hit the mother load, and this looks like it will appeal to quite a few diverse markets, and given their use of millennials in their advertising, I expect them to target the hipsters with this idea that it's something trendy and social, while relying on the regular gaming markets to simply buy the system because of their normal penchant for doing so.

Name is pretty clever too. Simple yet descriptive. People like that kind of stuff and makes it into a nice buzzword....and I can already see some of the marketing going forward..."make the 'switch'" and so forth.

yeahokwhatever2346d ago

I don't know..I'm hesitant. Price is really important with this. It doesn't seem to have close to the horsepower the current consoles already have, which will likely make some 3rd party support hesitant as porting is likely going to be a bit harder than xb1/pc/ps4. If the price isn't very, very reasonable, its gonna WiiU it.

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Ristul2346d ago

I'm getting it, looks awesome! Finally Nintendo got it right!

GamerProfessionals2346d ago

This has a lot of interesting possibilities behind the concept; that combined with the supporting partners makes this a pretty big deal. Best they don't miss the opportunity here.

UCForce2346d ago

I'm very respect what Nintendo is doing ! They are back.

Big_Game_Hunters2346d ago

Is it just me or does that new Mario look like its running on U4?

MoveTheGlow2346d ago

Entirely possible, especially given Nvidia tech's powering it.

deafdani2346d ago

To me it looked like the same engine used for Super Mario 3D World, which was used for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and Mario Kart 8 as well. Those three games are among the best looking games available on the Wii U.

This new Mario could be running on an improved version of that engine.

ZaWarudo2346d ago

I don't know, i'm not convinced. It looks gimmicky as hell.

Eonjay2346d ago

Which part looks gimicky? The form factor looks great, the functionality looks good. The controller... its okay but they were quick to show compatibility with the Pro controller so its all good.

kneon2346d ago

The whole thing looks gimmicky. Just look at how many parts there are, this isn't going to be cheap to manufacture, so they will be compromising on the home console experience in order to add the portability gimmick, which frankly is going after a declining market.

Portable gaming is phones, and to a lesser extent tablets. This isn't going to appeal to many people outside the Nintendo core, it's just too big and clunky to bother taking with you.

Rippcity2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

@Kneon Agreed. It's too clunky to take on the go and honestly who ever thought of detachable controllers is a fucking idiot. No one wants this bullshit Fisher Price garbage! Fucking Nintendo at it again with the lame gimmicks that no one will ever use. Who is gonna bring this thing over to their friend's and then try and play Mario Kart on that tiny ass screen! Fucking nobody will! Especially with half a controller. I hope everyone realizes how stupid this console is so they just fail once and for all and go software only.

wonderfulmonkeyman2346d ago

It didn't use two screens at once, it just let you take your game with you.
How is that a negative thing for a home console?

Kreisen2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

If its that small and portable it cant have high specs. Most likely what your looking at here is an overpriced tablet that cant do anything but play the equivalent of last gen games (that zelda game looks last gen sorry). This is WiiU 2.0...........

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2346d ago


Get educated.
The Nintendo Switch was designed by 500 people for the past years using a custom chip base of Nvidia most powerful GPU.

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iplay1up22346d ago

Haters going to hate! I suppose the new BOTW trailer looks like crap to you too. Grow up!

Kreisen2346d ago

This is modern day Nintendo in a nutshell, you get shit hardware followed by gimmicks, gimmicks and more gimmicks.

2346d ago
Apocalypze2346d ago


True Portable gaming is not on phones, Nintendo has a chance on recovering that market, we shall wait and see...

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