Resident Evil 7 PlayStation VR Hands-On Preview: A Resident Evil 20th Anniversary Tour Report

A Warp Zoned writer played Resident Evil 7 with PlayStation VR, and details his impressions. Also writes about his experience at the 20th Anniversary Tour.

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S2Killinit1708d ago

overall, he was impressed with the experience. I'm looking forward to RE7 in VR. I hope they do a proper job.

DEEBO1708d ago

Day one!
After playing all the vr games and knowing the pro might give this game a upgrade in power.
Capcom was brave to jump out 1st with a big title and totally change to a 1st person view.
Resident evil was my 1st game i had on psx.

camel_toad1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

"What surprised me is that you can’t turn by simply rotating your head, and instead must use the right thumbstick as in any other first-person game."

This sounds really odd to me. The biggest benefit of VR is being able to look around but this sounds like the game is practically running in cinematic mode. Really looking forward to this in VR but this one little detail has me worried now.

ninsigma1707d ago

Yeah that is pretty weird!

BSD2891707d ago

Sounds wierd, but to be honest, after playing 'Where we Lie' which has the mechanic of turning your head and the turn being performed for you when you walk. That feels weird, and all i wanted was to be able to turn using the analogue.. To each his own i guess

blady_man1707d ago

Yeah i would be happy turning with the analogeue and just use the vr for looking around corners and stuff, to me makes more sense, especially if you want to play sitting down

NukaCola1707d ago

I think using the dual analog is best. The VR should be for the fine tuning head movements. I yhink of the right thumbstick as more of your shoulders and the VR movement as your Face/Neck

TheEvilResident19971707d ago

Day one for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard!!!!!!!!