Why PS Vita Deserves Another Chance Before It’s Too Late

The PS Vita is such an incredible handheld gaming system that seems to be disappearing. Here’s why you should take a second, long look at the Vita.

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PhoenixUp1503d ago

Another chance to do what?

crazychris41241503d ago

There arent any newly released or upcoming games that interest me. There were a bunch of good ones within the 1st couple years but nothing to make me want to spend a couple hundred bucks on after you get the device, games and accessories. Since Im getting a Pro I could do remote play but when Im on the go I just dont really have time to play. It sucks because the device itself is great, just not enough games that interest me. Not one of those people that sees one or two great exclusives and goes out and buys a new console or handheld. Its more like 10 games to get me started. Idk if were having going to see another PS handheld again. Think Sony is just focusing on console and VR markets now.

Team89er1502d ago

F Sony, they didnt even mention it once at their own press...please dont copy what Nintendo just did with NS, just F dont

annoyedgamer1502d ago

Sony failed it. Nothing besides jrpgs. I would have bought it if they actually supported the product.

Utalkin2me1502d ago

Ummm it was highly supported the first couple of years. Just as PSVR, if nobody buys it then it will not get supported and it will get left behind.

Maybe if more people didn't have your thinking and purchased it, it would be thriving right now.

pyroxxx1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

There is actually more a problem of buying it,. I could not find it anymore in my country so I bought another one used,..(fist one was stolen about 2 years ago.) Damn I missed it so damn much,.. I absolutely love this device,..

rainslacker1501d ago

Ironically, even with it's apparent lack of games, even in the first couple years, it had the highest attach rate of any handheld console to date, and even now it's attach rate is running equal to the home consoles. For a system that has no games, people are buying games for it, and a lot of the people that do have a Vita are those willing to actually buy games.

FunAndGun1502d ago

Well, if people would have bought it, they would have supported it. There is responsibility on the consumer too.

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The story is too old to be commented.