SCEA Very Pleased with December NPD Results

Great sales month for PlayStation platforms

"If there was ever any doubt about the power of the PlayStation brand in the US, the December NPD data should quickly quell it," said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "Not only did consumers drive records for PLAYSTATION 3, they also validated the excellent value represented by PlayStation 2 and the entertainment versatility of PSP. These sales figures bode very well for the company heading into 2007."

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Scrumptious6404d ago

The 360 is barely behind their 6 year old system that's a quarter of the price? 360 titles all over the top seller list, with GOW beaten only by a multi-platform title and a $30 DS game? Last place in hardware sales with systems sitting on shelves?

I guess they're pleased they didn't have to do a recall.

I'd at least expected Resistance to be on the top 10 for December, as it's about the only reason to buy a PS3 right now.

Pathetic after all the hype.

Juevani6404d ago

how can rfom be at the top 10 chart when there is only 1 mill ps3's out?? explain mr.I got answers cus I s1ck bill gates d1ck. and dont be shocked to see rfom beatin gow like a little kid by march when ps3 is out world wide, and dont be shocked to see ps3 beaten the hell off ms and 360 by march too. you people are so desparet that you start comparing the two consoles and ps3 aint even out world wide yet, give it a break kid, go sleep now 360 aint winning sh1t, and half of the world own a ps2 and still people is buyin more, as mather of fact more the any other console, talk sh1t about ps3 aint sellin thats ok (it aint out world wide yet so that'll be a waist of time) but talkin sh1t about the ps2 is just showin that your a stupid f1ck that cant get off bill gates d1ck.

MicroGamer6404d ago

NPD says they didn't even sell 700,000 from launch to the end of the year in N. America. I guess vgcharts is really f*cked for saying they sold over 1 million.

Dick Jones6404d ago

when comparing to other sites in December. Also their console war numbers are heavily skewed, and have been long before and after official NPD sales numbers without an update of any kind.

specialguest6404d ago (Edited 6404d ago )

you should try reading sometimes, the NPD refers to U.S. ONLY! (forth paragraph, last line) http://biz.gamedaily.com/in...

even with all the delays and bad press,(quote from the website)"in the first two months of availability, the PS3 has sold-through more units in the US than the original PlayStation or PlayStation 2." That's major right there kids.

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