How Can Konami Rebuild Their Reputation?

We Got This Covered takes a look at how Konami can go about rebuilding their reputation.

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Junpei9992823d ago

That's one heck of an uphill battle

zeal0us2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Yeah I don't think Konami can rebuild/repair their reputation. Maybe if they listen to their fan base/customers and stop investing $$$ into crappy mobile games and gambling machines but the brouhaha with Kojima permanently damage their reputation.

darthv722823d ago

Going back to their roots wouldn't hurt. Bring back games like Gradius, Contra, Rocket Knight Adventures... fun nostalgic games but made for the modern age.

Fist4achin2823d ago

I don't think they care to with the hard-core gaming community. It's easier to please the mobile gamers and gamblers and it probably brings in a lot of quick money.

There are a few titles I miss though.

NukaCola2823d ago

I love how there's these how do we build reputation back articles because the answer is super simple but the companies will never do it.

Kurdishcurse2823d ago

*upandromedagalaxy battle

-Foxtrot2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

They were all ready at the bottom of the hill with what they did with Kojima, then their slot machines and the lack of interest in the gaming community started digging them a hole at the bottom of the hill

Then when you think they might climb out of that hole they then exploit MGS into a shitty looking Zombie game.

Konami are not at the bottom of the hill...they are basically at the Earth's core

never4get2822d ago

Anime Nekomimi Gear Solid Free to Play Massive Multiplayer Online Shooter. Konami plz make it happen. :D

basilboxer2823d ago

Not unless they they clear up what happened with Kojima, imo. Nobody actually knows what really happened. Who knows, maybe Kojima is a pretentious douche.

madhouse022823d ago

I have no idea what the thinking was being Survive. That was literally the worst thing they could have possibly done.

Gaming_Cousin2823d ago

*facepalm When people don't know how to use the word literally

Kurdishcurse2823d ago

facepalm when your ego allows you to realize english isnt the 1st language to most people on earth. your not impressing anyone here. realize that 1st language or not, its possible to make errors. accept it and move in. bye!

Gaming_Cousin2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )


*facepalm 1st language has nothing to do with it

Goldby2822d ago

i dunno, making a VR tutor game where you play as Kaz or Snake and every answer gets you an.. Exclamation point followed by "snaaaaaaakkkkeeee!"

that may be worst, but actually sounds better lol

gametrotter2823d ago

I'd personally love to see MGS remastered, and if they brought Hayter back that would be a big deal for fans. To be honest that's the most logical way to gain back a bit of respect.

Venoxn4g2822d ago

That sounds good.. I wouldnt mind MGS3 with that graphics they showed on their slots/pachinko..I wouldnt even mind a remaster of MGS4 on ps4 to be honest

HRD_Games2823d ago

MGS will never be the same. Frankly, the best thing Konami could do is make a few remasters, ports, and then BIG reboots to their top series, Metal Gear, Suikoden, and Castlevania.