PlayStation VR Shifts 50,000 Units in Japan in First-Week Sales

Sony's PlayStation VR (PS VR) sold just over 50,000 units in the first few days of its release in Japan, according to recently released data.

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UCForce1643d ago

Holy moly ! That's very impressive.

Amiga-guy1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

The Tech loving Japanese were always going to lap up VR, but to sell 50,000 in a week is still surprising, Mind you using my PSVR this week has been an eye opening experience and has only reinforced what I already knew, VR is here to stay.

sammarshall1021643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

That's really not that impressive tbh

@Badz Xbox numbers in Japan aren't impressive and neither are these numbers

badz1491643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

To think that the Xbone will struggle to even sell half as much of that number this whole year in Japan...yeah, it's pretty impressive.

Gantrfaxx1643d ago

Maybe for you it isn't. But for many who buy PS VR it is impressive.

jmc88881643d ago

Yes it is. It costs $399-499 for us in the U.S. and relatively similar in Japan. It's basically the price of a new console.

Japan has an aging population where they sell more adult diapers then baby diapers.

We'll have to see if it continues this pace and whether or not it's being hampered by it being sold out or not.

But 4.3 weeks in a monthx50,000 would be 215,000 over the course of a month potentially for a peripheral in one country ~1/3rd the size of America (with crap demographics for games, with sliding gaming sales).

Also most people who are buying this thing are those that already own a PS4... so it's not yet pulling people in that don't own the console, but selling pretty much only to people that already have one.

As we speak, where PSVR has been released, you probably are already at or dang near Oculus+Vive numbers that has been out for half a year now+.

That's impressive. We'll see if it keeps up. But it's been a smashing start.

MasterCornholio1643d ago

That's pretty nice for that region.


fr0sty1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Especially considering:

1. Consoles aren't that popular there vs. mobile and handheld.
2. Space is very limited, especially in densely populated cities like Tokyo, and the Japanese are generally turned off by the idea of consoles that require a certain amount of space to play them.
3. PSVR isn't exactly a cheap system to dive into, with its base cost (with camera included) is $460, which is more than the PS4 itself.

Impressive indeed!

Considering how much I'm enjoying mine, I can see its appeal to them, but considering those factors above I didn't think it would fly off the shelves there.

stuna11643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

It wouldn't surprise me if PS4 sales go up due to PSVR. Most attribute console sales to games, but in this instance I actually believe PSVR sales will push console sales. Not just in Japan either, I'm talking Worldwide.

zivtheawesome1643d ago

why all the disagrees? it is a very impressive feat

fr0sty1643d ago

Haters that don't know enough about the subject to formulate an argument, but still want to show the world that this news got under their skin.

yeahright21643d ago

Probably just VR skeptics and xbox fanboys. xbox fans are cool with it, but the fanboys just see psvr as something sony has over MS, therefore hate anything positive about it. The xbox fans realize that the better psvr does, the better Xbox's vr support will be when it launches. As for the VR skeptics, well, can't do much about that. If they feel VR is taking the industry in a bad direction, then any good news for VR is bad news for them.

yeahright21643d ago

It's what they expected I believe. But still, to get half of the vive's lifetime sales in one country, in one week, and not even the country with the biggest sales potential... impressive.

rainslacker1642d ago

I dunno about sales potential over there. Tech like that has always seemed to fascinate a rather large number of the Japanese population. They seem to like things that are immersive or bring technology closer to reality. While I can't say that's true of the whole populace, there is obviously a large enough portion to drive sales of this kind of tech.

zivtheawesome1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

WOW i am shocked. amazingly well for such a small market in the first week!
Edit: why is everyone who views the comment section thinks it is bad? this is a very small market for home consoles and yet it sold a very high amount for such a small region.

moegooner881643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I read on another article that initial shipments were limited in Japan. So if true, that is quite the sell thru ratio

kfk1643d ago

Yeah, I heard from someone that lives in Japan that pretty much every place in the big cities are still sold out, so they would've sold a lot more if they had more stock.

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