Farewell, Civilization V

Kill Screen: "The Civilization series of games moves in cycles. On October 30, 2001, Civilization III was released; October 25, 2005 brought Civilization IV; the latest incarnation of the series was released September 21, 2010; and now Civilization VI arrives on October 21. There is a wistful sense of loss in this pattern—after a spring and summer five years long, the massive canopy of the previous Civilization game fades away to make room for the next, bigger, and hopefully better incarnation."

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DarkZane1441d ago

I wouldn't speak too soon. A lot of people seems to think Civilization V became good when expansions were released. If the same thing happens to VI, people are still gonna be playing V.

camel_toad1441d ago

I seem to remember reading that a lot of the things added to V through expansions, like espionage and religion will be in VI. I just know as soon as I start playing it I'll drop everything else I'm playing so I'm forcing myself to wait and play it later.

The 10th Rider1441d ago

I was playing a game the other day realizing that it could potentially be the last game I ever play in Civ V. Strange feeling after over 1,000 hours put in.