The Team17 Indie Collection arrives on Xbox One, but it comes with a ton of content

Neil writes "Team17 are great. No, we're not saying that because we're sucking up to them, we're saying that because the vast majority of titles that they produce are of the very highest indie quality. And that means you should be very interested in checking out the Team17 Indie Collection and/or the Team17 Indie Heroes pack right now."

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clownz2241d ago

I love reading your articles, always top notch quality writing.

darthv722241d ago

I still have some classic Team 17 games from the Amiga days. There is a definite euro vibe you get from their games vs playing ones made in other regions.

JanuStorm2241d ago

Way too expensive. Talk about greedy. Shame on these so-called "indie" devs.