What Is Rockstar's Problem With PC Gaming?

ScreenGurus Shaun asks why PC gamers are yet again being left out of the Rockstar party with upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Eonjay2541d ago

Because it doesn't make them any money. Consoles make money for these guys.

TheOptimist2541d ago

Are you living in 2010? Because I would have agreed with you back then

Red_Renegade2541d ago

with some of the crazy stuff you say, he's prolly okay with you not agreeing. if rockstar doesn't wanna make a pc game, that's up to them.

2pacalypsenow2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

If it was such a huge money maker for them, they would release on PC. I'm sure they will release it later. They are just focusing on consoles for now just like GTA5

TheOptimist2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Umm... I don't mind skipping RDR, but saying that PC doesn't turn profits is downright bs today. As I said I would have agreed back in 2010, definitely not today. Because even if it doesn't make as much profit as the consoles, I'm pretty sure it is significant enough to give competition and it definitely has more profit than Xbox if sales alone ae to be considered.
Thanks for letting me know something which I knew and of course deviating from the topic, since it's about profit, whether Y or 2Y, they are businessmen, and they'll go behind every profit they can get their hands on

morganfell2541d ago


Since you have access to the development costs for PC for Rockstar as well as the cost incurred for troubleshooting PC issues, associate profit margins, projected profits for reallocation of assets, please share this treasure trove of insight.

FACT: You have no idea of the cost incurred on Rockstar for a PC version. And it isn't just cost for the PC. If they allocate X amount of resources for a PC version they make Y amount of dollars. But if instead they allocate X amount of resources back to the console version they make Y x 2 amount of dollars. These are matters to which neither you nor I are privy. I grant the benefit of the doubt that Sam and Dan Houser understand their situation far better than you or I.

JackBNimble2541d ago

I guess you're just going to have to wait for a port of the game

Cindy-rella2541d ago

Im a pc gamer as well and it puzzles me to see other avid pc gamers being stunned as to why certain development studios would rather have their games on console first then pc or just consoles.

fr0sty2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Rockstar agrees with Eonjay. They are in the business of making money. If there were money to make in the PC space that would make the development efforts of releasing on PC worth it, Take 2 would make them release a PC port. Obviously the ends do not justify the means for them, because they have chosen not to do it. They are not going to ignore a chance to make millions of dollars if it is really worth it in the end.

starchild2541d ago

You console fanboys are ridiculous. You aren't gamers. All you do is hate on PC, hate on Nintendo, hate on the other console brand...that's all you do. You never defend what's good regardless of platform, nor do you stand up for what's right for gamers in general. You're nothing but corporate cheerleaders.

Kingthrash3602541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I'm sure you'll get it after console gamers have been playing it for years.
Pc has several factors that make them not want to focus on them first.
Like gta, they will sell it console let it make money then develop red dead pc if it sells enough. You gotta remember red dead isn't as mainstream as gta is. They know what to do. They are letting it pay for itself. That would be my guess.

Not feeling so master race right now tho huh.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

The problem with PC gaming?


RedSoakedSponge2541d ago


Just be optimistic dude ;)

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DarkZane2540d ago

It's not that PC doesn't make them money, it's that console versions make them a lot more money, so those take priority.

BG115792540d ago

If it isn't money, then what reason would the have ?
Seriously, which other reason would they have ?

RosweeSon2540d ago

Indeed they go for Profit, where are the profits in Piracy, oh there are none.


You're also forgetting the fact that Rockstar generates killer profit from microtransactions on consoles. I highly doubt PC players are a fraction of that revenue

Obscure_Observer2539d ago


That was low. Even for you. You're pretty much everything Starchild stated above.

When comes to Scorpio you said "why buy a Scorpio if you can build a PC?". And now this?

You spit on disappointed PC gamers's faces?

Looks like the ROTR exclusive BS hasn't teach you nothing.

But fear not. Tomorrow is another day. What comes around, goes around. ;)

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OoglyBoogly2541d ago


Just on Steam alone there's well over 5 million owners of GTA 5 for PC. PC, hardly, is a loss for them in any way shape or form.

So yeah, no.

Eonjay2541d ago


So it looks like your are a misinformed, or you don't have insight into the volume that console push. Like 5 million means anything to a R* lol! Either way, please look at this and tell me where the hell the money is. What should you be doing as a AAA developer right now. Focusing on PC? No, because you and your team deserve to receive return on your development costs.

AnotherProGamer2541d ago

The money they make on consoles is significantly higher though


TheOptimist2541d ago

You do realize that that list includes PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One- 4 platforms. Also let's not forget the delay- On PS3 it has been out for 3 years, on PS4 for 2 years and PC for 1 and a half year. So yeah all platforms plus time delay play a huge role

Agent-862541d ago

@Eonjay and AnotherProGamer
That graph you link to is not very informative. First, it shows no monetary values on the left axis except for $0M on the bottom. What are the values for the middle and top of the graph? It shows no incremental values. Second, the title of the graph is "Additional Content Revenue". That sounds like DLC to me and not actual game sales/revenue. Of course, PC gamers have mods and DLC sales will be lower on that platform.

Also, as other people have pointed out, the console figure includes 4 platforms (PS3, PS4, Xbox360 and Xbox1) which all had their own development costs and revenue produced. To have an accurate comparison, we would need to have game sales/revenues for all 5 platforms on an individual basis. In a fair comparison, I believe the PC platform would compare very favorably. 5 million plus sales on a single platform is pretty damn strong.

devileyed2541d ago

Both MS and Sony take around 45% of game sales and steam takes 15%-30% depending on the arrangement so I wonder how much money they really make between the two .

Vegamyster2541d ago


Red Dead R2 will only out on the PS4 & Xone, if you compare just the PS4 & Xone sales of GTAV to PC:

PS4: 11.94m

Xone: 5.06m

PC: 6.4m (Also came out 6 months later)

iloveallgames2541d ago

Superdata doesn't have access to any of steam's sales data, you are looking at physical copy only for PC.

XanderZane2541d ago

Yeah but on game consoles...
"Within 24 hours of its release, Grand Theft Auto V generated more than $800 million in worldwide revenue, equating to approximately 11.21 million copies sold for Take Two.
As of 31 December 2014, the game has shipped 45 million copies to retailers, including 10 million copies of the re-released version for eighth-generation consoles.
As of 18 May 2016, the game has shipped over 65 million copies across all platforms."

Almost 60 million sold on game consoles. As I said, Rockstar knows where the money is coming from. RDR sold over 12 million on game consoles.

hiredhelp2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

You forgot the numbers that sold on pc from R*warhouse for pc players digital code plus legit cdkey sites adds up to nearly double.
So you kids saying that No cos more cost effectiv and make more on consoles ... Its true your right But PC numbers has doubles in past 2-3 years with more people from consoles have bought or built themselvs a pc too sales have risen.
If R* felt PC wasnt viable why are the same devs that put GTAV that doing red dead do all versions of gta on pc LA nore pc midnight club racing pc list grows.
3rd party devs in tidays industry use engines that are able to put game on all formats if needed.
But yeh consoles will be first they did miss us first RD but im confidant sane mistake wont be made.
Agree or dusagree :) I dont care kiddies.

krazeecain2540d ago

@Eonjay @AnotherProGamer SO?! That's well over $250 million. It does NOT cost that much to port to PC, and is a HUGE amount of money regardless of what you're making elsewhere. Also keep in mind that the PC version came way, WAY after the first release on last gen console. The fact that they still sold 5 million copies is amazing.

Rockstar is clearly being incentivized somehow to delay or eschew the PC releases of their game. Their excuses for doing so don't make any sense in the context of other publishers.

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ShadowKnight2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

The more the platforms it's on the more profit they'll make. I hope it does come to PC in native 4K 60fps it would be nice, but if not oh well got the console to play it on.