The Assassin’s Creed Movie Has a New Trailer and a December 21st Release Date

20th Century Fox has released a new trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Movie. The latest video not only showcases new footage of the movie, but also reveals that it will release in worldwide on December 21st.

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-Foxtrot827d ago

Honestly I'm not feeling this at all. At one point it looks like Assassins Creed then another moment it doesn't, like a generic Hollywood blockbuster film.

Should have just remade the first game with Desmond. Not sticking with the source material is always a video game films downfall.

Goldby827d ago

definitely agree, this doesn't resemble an assassins creed game at all, the animus is completely different.

-Foxtrot827d ago

Yeah it is

How can it be set in the same Universe as the games but the Animus and the way they do things is completely different

Seems like they've taken Desmond's story but changed it...another mistake

Goldby827d ago

i thick if anything they were afraid to be tied down to a story already experienced by the main audience. something akin to Tomb Raider.

Personally, they should have left the mordern age stuff out of it, give us the stories of the assassins, not their ancestors, or keep the modern stuff to right at the end, beats big bad boss guy in animus, wakes up to realise hes been living a memory the entire time

Master of Unlocking826d ago

Looks cool. This coult turn out to be one of the very few good videogame tie-in movies, along with Christophe Gans' Silent Hil.