Gamestop opened at midnight to sell Sony's pricey new VR headset and now it's almost sold out

GameStop has seen brisk demand for Sony's new Playstation VR device, says COO Tony Bartel.

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italiangamer823d ago

Hope Sony can make enough of them for the holidays, the demand for PSVR is crazy!

81BX822d ago

U dont think there will be a problem. If they havent even sold out then im sure we'll be good for the holidays

xHeavYx822d ago

Why is one of the cheapest VR devices called "Pricey"?

hulk_bash1987822d ago

Because the author doesnt understand that its the cheapest option out right now. Thats what "Blind Fanboy hate", will do to you.

duplissi821d ago

@xHeavYx @hulk_bash1987

$400/$500 Is still expensive...

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nyctophilia13822d ago

Its already sold out at every Gamestop near me. I'd have to drive out of state to find one. Glad I preordered in March!

fr0sty822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

I bet it has already outsold Oculus and Vive combined. It sold 50k units in Japan alone, which was half of Vive's estimated sales as of July.

S2Killinit821d ago

I think so as well. Japan does seem to like new tech though. I think this will usher in a big boost to PS4 sales as well in Japan. As to how it compares to the other devices, I agree, I think its well above what the other have sold to date. (which is actually good for all three of them)

UltraNova821d ago

I guess come Playstation Meeting in December we'll know the exact numbers. My estimate is 1,5 mil by early December.

CurbStompin822d ago


S2Killinit821d ago

it will be the hot item of Christmas/holidays for many families. I don't know if they can all find one. SOOO glad I preordered. ((:

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GrimDragon822d ago

No surprise there. Expect an increasing shortage as Christmas approaches.

cyber_daemonx822d ago

Selling like hotcakes so far. Just wait till the pro comes out, its gonna be nuclear.

B1uBurneR822d ago

You know what they say almost doesn't count. Great to see high demands. I can't wait to get a taste of VR using PSVR.

Red_Renegade822d ago

almost doesn't count? who cares? it's selling fast. why even say that?

B1uBurneR822d ago

My second sentence holds the same weight So I wanted to have balance. You know like what MS plans to do with the Scorpio.

stuna1822d ago

Yeah because for all anyone knows it could have been the last headset on the shelf, plus Midnight launches usually last up to the last person in the store, which equals to once they leave stragglers usually aren't let in.

Gamist2dot0822d ago

I hope they make plenty so that people don't have to buy from price gouging d-bags from ebay.

yeahokwhatever822d ago

or craigslist. day one there were 800$ PSVR kits on craigslist, but none of the stores had any stock. gee, i wonder why?

Nodoze822d ago

This is a surprise to you??? Happens for EVERY single new release of hardware. Supply and demand. Heck the WiiU was the exact same way, and now look at it.

yeahokwhatever822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

It's not really of a surprise, so much as a disappointment. I wish people would put the same amount of effort into their real careers instead of leeching off people by making shopping inconvenient in order to make a little cash. That said, I was able to get mine on launch in best buy.

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