What is the Nintendo NX?

It’s the question that has been bugging fans and casual observers for a long time now; What is the Nintendo NX? Mark from PN2 doesn't dare suggest, but here he considers what it may mean in a grander sense...

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MasterCornholio728d ago

It's something from Nintendo that's coming in March.

That's all I know.

spaceb0y728d ago

Some sort of console and handheld hybrid from what we heard. Hope they get it right

nevin1728d ago

Another Nintendo disappointment?

CrimsonWing69727d ago

Why I can't laugh at that is because in all actuality you're right.

wonderfulmonkeyman727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

Well, according to the latest big batch of rumors, it's a home console, about two times as powerful as the PS4 with graphics capability on par with the Pro, and a gpu set only a little below it (above 3.5Tflops, but less than Pro) that will have some handheld functions.

It likely will be sold in two different bundles, one that's about a hundred bucks cheaper at around $299 with just the basic console inside, and a more expensive bundle that will probably include two or more games, and possibly include the portable aspect bits, if those aren't part of both bundles by default. (it will also be able to handle upscaling to 4k, but that feature won't be advertised as heavily, as the system's marketing will instead be shooting for a "1080p 60fps in all games" tagline)
Apparently the controller will not be weighing it down, either, in terms of price or system power (won't be a "ball&chain" to the system like the game pad was to the Wii U), and it won't have detachable parts like some rumors suggest.

If rumors are true, it will also be getting a Platinum Collection which includes Bayonetta 1&2, Vanquish, a remaster of The Wonderful 101, and a sequel to Vanquish, on top of games from big name third parties like Square-Enix and Warner Bros.
^ vid with more details.

I personally want to believe this batch because I absolutely LOVE the work Platinum does, and because, unlike the negative sewage rumors that keeps getting passed off as undeniable truth around here lately, this batch actually sounds quite a bit more positive.

Not to mention realistic.

I mean, seriously, there are still people out there thinking the NX won't be at least a little more powerful than the XB1 and PS4.
The Wii was a bit more powerful than the PS2 and Xbox, and the Wii U was a bit more powerful than the PS3 and 360.
The big difference this time, is that being a bit more powerful will mean it's on par enough to get those big multiplats that the PS4 and XB1 will still be getting for the next few years, unlike previous gens where the graphical upgrades in Nintendo's consoles wasn't enough to support everything fully.

JBlaze226727d ago

We do not want anymore rumors. It's getting ridiculous that no solid information came through and the NX has not been unveiled

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The story is too old to be commented.