More Complaints on GOW Patch

It seems the VGA problem affects only a small group. But the changes that were purposely made are being met with critism.

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iballa5239d ago

The issue of not being able to play with friends on ranked matches is basically centered around gamerpoints. These spoilt kids are crying because they cannot play with their 'friends' on ranked to unlock achievements, this is the negative side of the gamerscore/achievements system. Play on Player Matches kiddies, its still fun!

Balance5239d ago

i can't believe people complain this much because they are having trouble cheating/abusing the system.

Syko5239d ago

Ya because playing with John Rambo, John Rambo 2, And John Rambo 3 Kicks Ass! "Which way we goin guys?", Oh splitn' up and getting killed got it. This game kicks ass when played like that!

unrivaled one5239d ago

iballa hit the nail in the head. spoilt unappreciative kids that can't play the game fairly.

Mikey_Gee5239d ago

Update worked fantastic for my 360. GOW update with no issues using VGA and love the new maps.

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