New Rumors Suggest Diablo 4 More Likely To Be Revealed At BlizzCon 2016

We are fast approaching the kick off date for BlizzCon 2016 and there are new, albeit very vague rumors floating around the internet suggesting that a new installment in the series is more likely than a remaster of a previous game in the series.

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lelo2play1926d ago

Diablo 3 was disappointing. Not really that much hyped for Diablo 4 as I was for Diablo 3 a few years back...

Hoffmann1926d ago

Yeah..Path of Exile took the action rpg throne...followed by Grim Dawn, and even the Van Hellsing trilogy compilation game is more or less better than Diablo 3 as well.

Diablo 3 was more like Gauntlet than previous Diablo games.

GrubsterBeater1926d ago

The thing for me was that I hated launch Diablo 3, but loved Reaper of Souls Era Diablo 3. I think they redeemed the game in a very good way, but still does not compare to Diablo 2.

vallencer1926d ago


The same thing happened with d2. The original d2 is not what everyone remembers. When that came out it was ok much like d3. However when lords of destruction came out it changed everything about design and made it better. That's what everyone remembers. That's the game that added rune words, charms, sockets, jewels, balancing. They did the same thing with diablo 3. Main game was bad then reaper of souls came out and fixed the game.

1926d ago
crazysammy1926d ago


I couldn't disagree more. The original D2 was amazing. They certainly improved the formula over time but that game from day 1 was excellent. Diablo 3 wasn't even playable often times due to always being online and other issues. Not to mention the idea of leveling and just earning abilities like WoW was very off putting to many of us.

@Grubster said it best, Reaper of Souls era they really figured out what we hated about launch D3 and fixed it.

Mr Marvel1925d ago

I always laugh when people try to make a case for Path of Exile. IMO that game is complete rubbish, especially next to a masterpiece like Reaper of Souls.

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Daver1926d ago

People that disagree are people that didnt played it when it first released on pc, i agree that the console version period was the best for the game tho. The game should have been at least like that from the start. Anyway i hope they learnt from it and they will make diablo serie great again like it used to be.

maybelovehate1926d ago

To each their own. But I loved/love Diablo 3.

jeromeface1926d ago

They've long since fixed diablo 3... and if you aren't happy with it now honestly I don't think you can be pleased.

Mr Marvel1925d ago

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls on PS4 is one of my favourite games of all time.

I've poured several thousands of hours into the game after spending about a thousand hours on the PC version and to this day it still remains my "comfort food" of gaming.

1925d ago
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Dan_scruggs1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Diablo 3 is my most played game... ever. So I will be there day 1 if Diablo 4 is indeed around the corner. But in all likelihood it'll be an expansion.

Genova841926d ago

I think I logged 120 hours in D3, which takes the gold medal for most hours played in a single game since college.

Fight Night Round 3 and NFL Blitz still likely hold the all time most hours played trophy. I think I've logged 500 or so in each of them.

This will be a Day 1 purchase x 2. My wife will want to play with me as well.

rashada071926d ago

I love playing diablo but I will keep my expectations low- I agree, if anything it will probably just be another expansion or content update patch.

GrubsterBeater1922d ago


"But in all likelihood it'll be an expansion."

I don't know, man.. I'm thinking that it's gonna be Diablo 4. Hell, I would be happy with a D3 expansion, but it's gotta be D4.

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freshslicepizza1926d ago

looking forward to it on my pc as well

_LarZen_1926d ago

I love Diablo 3. Started playing it on PC but when the console version came out I gave it a go and playing the game with a controller made it even better. So bring on Diablo 4 Blizzard. Body and soul is ready for the hoards of hell once more!

Relientk771926d ago

Omg please be true. Need another Diablo in my life

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