Rise of the Tomb Raider’s DLC “Blood Ties” Preview – When VR Disrespects Lara Croft

Dana Abercrombie from Producers vs Show writes:

"Rise of the Tomb Raider has a new DLC called Blood Ties and it's both tragically terrible and brilliantly fun."

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Mr Pumblechook824d ago

'When VR disrespects Lara!' LOL :)
The whole angle of this rant is of a juvenile gamer feeling hurt that their favourite system doesn't support VR.

824d ago
monkeyporn823d ago

Who cares this game is average at best ! The whole addition of Vr and Zombie mode and different skins is just fluff to try and get the PS Nation to buy this game despite SE screwing over its fanbase in what turned out ot be one of the worse business deals ever made. Se is now seeing the sales of Tr didn't happen on XTurd One like Microsoft promised they would nor did they have people flocking to to buy an XTurd One. Now SE is trying to win back thier fanbase who are still pissed and haven't forgotten the Betrayal. ROTTR will be a huge failure as no part of the PS nation is interested in paying SE $60.00 for thier year old POS game.