Batman Arkham City PS3 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

"Check this very first PS3 vs PS4 graphics comparison of retail version of Batman Arkham City"

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SojournUK828d ago

Its an improvement but Catwomen still looks like a blow up doll.

cyckiewicz828d ago

Yeah, I don't like her design either.

bouzebbal828d ago

oh wow not bad.. the improvement is huge.

Erik7357828d ago

Dude her tits are way bigger in the ps4 version

conanlifts828d ago

Some people fantasise about blow up catwomen dolls. Maybe they have nailed their demographic.

zsquaresoff828d ago

Now it looks like a proper Remaster.

pyroxxx828d ago

I loved this game,.. will get it if cheap

sullynathan828d ago

Very large improvement but is it 60fps?

GrimmyReaper827d ago

knowing this gen and it running on Unreal 4, my guess is no, but guess we'll wait and see
Is it also coming to pc by any chance?

cyckiewicz828d ago

Because I don't have it :)

ONESHOTV2828d ago

I was talking about for comparison as a comparison

Angeljuice828d ago

How would that show the difference between PS3 and PS4?

ONESHOTV2827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

Angeljuice--- i said why not compare the ps4 version to the pc version are you blind

Angeljuice7h ago
"And I answered saying the point of the article is to highlight the difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions. The PC has nothing to do with it." and i have said does it make any sense to compare the inferior version or do you guys just like to feel like you have won some thing, it's ok the ps4 version looks better than the ps3 version good job game of the year right

827d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.