Destroy All Humans 2 Rated for PS4

The Pan European Game Information board has rated Destroy All Humans 2 for PlayStation 4.

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Gaming_Cousin2782d ago

It has been posted today in your link and you claim it as old? What planet are you from?

Overload2782d ago

This is all leading up to this, which is exciting.

"Nordic Games plans to “get started” on a new Destroy All Humans! title"

Profchaos2782d ago

I finally played the dah that was released on 360 yesterday as long as it's like the incredible number 1 and not the pathetically bad 3 I'm in

Seriously couldn't even finish the tutorial on 3 it was just garbage combined with a weak frame rate and poor graphics to boot

ONESHOTV22782d ago

oh man this was one of the games i played a lot on the ps2 now that i'm thinking about it does remind me of xcom a bit, but anyway i will add this to my list when the pro is released that's if it's real

Deeeeznuuuts2782d ago

I hope they have one and two on the store, with added trophies it's going to make revisiting these games even better! Hopefully Nordic start on a new one asap!

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Steam Account Transfer Via Will on Death is Not Permitted, Valve Confirms

In case you were curious, a Steam account transfer via will is not permitted according to an official response from Valve.

anast1d 17h ago

The games are theirs. People just pay to ride the ride.

Skuletor1d ago

Would be nice if the article's writer looked into and reported whether other digital game libraries could be transferred over via will (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, EGS, EA app, GOG, Ubisoft Connect, Rockstar Launcher etc) instead of this half-baked piece but it's probably the same for all of them anyway

Kornholic1d ago

This seems like a way bigger issue than mandatory PSN account linking for PlayStation games.

So where is the outcry?

Skuletor23h ago

It's not like PlayStation is doing any different.

"You may not sell, buy, trade, or transfer your Online ID, Account or any personal access to PSN Services through any means or method, including by use of web sites."

Kornholic4h ago

So you are that saying Steam is being very anti consumer with its policies. That's why I'm so baffled by the lack of outcry from the PC audience.

NotoriousWhiz23h ago(Edited 23h ago)

It's not like your account just stops working when you die. Include your email, account id, and password in the will (including the password to your email) and your survivors should have no problem using your games.

anast21h ago

PC gamers are a different lot. They don't mind renting their games forever, they don't mind spending money on overpriced equipment, and they don't mind fiddling with settings for hours before they even play the game, but linking a PSN account demands a riot. This is hard to understand, but then again, we all have to draw our lines somewhere.

Skuletor20h ago

You sure talk a lot of nonsense.Go look up the percentage of digital sales compared to physical sales of PS5 games, then tell me again about "renting" games.