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PSLS: "Upon booting up Driveclub VR, I couldn’t get over how ugly the game looked. PlayStation VR’s low fidelity made the game look like a bit of a mess with the world looking a bit choppy and muddied. Since it’s a port of existing assets, ones that were meant to be displayed on a television, it isn’t a surprise that it doesn’t look great, but it still threw me off. While not Forza Horizon 3 in terms of looks, Driveclub was a great looking racer in its own right, so I wasn’t expecting to be so disappointed visually."

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UCForce2827d ago

Well, that gotta be something.

XStation4pio_Pro2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

at least it works i suppose.

KiwiViper852827d ago

Just out of curiosity, does psvr have multiplayer?

Zeke682827d ago

Yes it have multiplayer.

jholden32492827d ago

All people talk about are the "bad graphics". That's all VR games, not just DriveClub. It requires a lot more horsepower. We won't be seeing VR that looks like native PS4/X1 games probably until next generation. Though hopefully PSpro and Scorpio can help.

I thought the game was one of the better looking ones tbh.

Sharky2312827d ago

It might not look great, but it plays awesome. I wouldn't call it ugly by no means!

Neonridr2827d ago

the problem is that it's being compared to the original DC, which I think is unfair. We will have to wait to see what other VR driving titles bring to the table before we can really say that these graphics are good or bad.

RavageX2827d ago

I suspect people were expecting it to look like the OG Driveclub, which is silly. I don't even think that would be possible to do on a PS4...even Pro and keep the same sense of speed, framerate, etc.

The experience is where its at. Being able to turn your head and look at someone as you pass, etc.

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zombiewombie2827d ago

It doesn't even look bad. I get it looks a bit jagged in the distance but that's with every vr game. I look forward the Pro improvements.

uth112827d ago

VR is always going to be behind console/PC screens visually-- it requires you to cut the effective resolution in half horizontally, and requires a much higher framerate.

XStation4pio_Pro2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

all drive club had going for it was graphics.... so many better racers out there. even the reviews show that... and if thats the best the ps4 can do with vr then count me out. i sincerely hope ps4 pro can do better. i'm already planning on scorpio. my psvr should arrive this week so i'll see myself i guess.

C-H-E-F2827d ago

Yeah, I too wonder what advantage the Pro can add to the VR space, because there's so much extra POWAH under the hood. I hope devs still push the original PS4 PSVR games to the max, but I would like for them to focus on increasing the fidelity on the PS4 Pro seeing that I will have one and will be a heavy PSVR supporter lOl. All of these games can look atleast 2x better on PS4 Pro when you look at specs. It's definitely possible.

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Muzikguy2827d ago

6 points less than the original? Sweet!

XanderZane2827d ago

I laughed when he said the game is Ugly and there is pop-in all over the place, yet he still gave this game an 8. I think the Metacritic score is probably more accurate, The only good thing about most of these VR games is that they are fairly cheap. Only $20-$40 and it's probably because most of them don't have much content to provide. Don't expect early VR games to be all that stellar. Launch games for new hardware is usually not the best. The better quality titles will come a year from now and that's when I'll be checking PSVR out.

Red_Renegade2827d ago

prolly cuz it's still a lot of fun to play, so the graphics downgrade doesn't make it a 65?

Kryptix2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Let's be honest, you only think the Metacritic score is more accurate when it suits your agenda.

A lot of journalists shredded this game cause it made them "sick" or "vomit" & the ones that didn't feel anything gave this mostly a 7+. No? Don't believe me?


And it's being compared to the original when it truly shouldn't be because VR takes a toll on graphics. Happens with Occulus & Vive, too, it's expected, there's a sacrifice for the immersion.

This game should be scored the same as the original if it provides the same amount of content, but with dynamic weather removed, maybe a little bit lower, then again, there's sacrifice for VR to work so meh. Not like they stripped out cars and maps.

UCForce2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Don't even try ! Your MS fanboy is showing and you can not control it. And seriously, just play the game if you like it or not.

S2Killinit2827d ago

Rez Infinit on PSVR is sitting at 91 metacritic. (:

XanderZane2827d ago

Hhhmm... what's that got to do with DriveClub VR? Also Rez was a AAA game before it was put on VR, sooooo.... pretty hard to screw that up I would think.

S2Killinit2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I just thought it be nice to mention that. If meta scores are his thing, then he might like to know. But I would put my money on Eve:Valkyrie and FarPoint.

Loktai2827d ago

If by AAA, you mean AAA a decade ago and an indie game by today's standards then yes, Rez is an AAA game... though if you meant highly reviewed then that's not what AAA means generally.

sampson31212827d ago

your life is a 65 meta. would have been higher but your negativity got in the way.

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Babadook72827d ago

"While not Forza Horizon 3 in terms of looks, Driveclub was a great looking racer in its own right,"


Muzikguy2827d ago

Lol yeah..... they must be smoking some bad sh!t

Red_Renegade2827d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

i think that's backwards. i think you should stop drinking.

gangsta_red2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

What do they expect right? Forza Horizon 3 is absolutely gorgeous and really shouldn't be compared to a VR game.

Don't you think I'm Spot on "Red_Renegade"?

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XanderZane2827d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

FH3 is better then DriveClub by a long mile. That's 91 Metacritic score is there for a reason. Anyone who is disagree haven't played both games or is a serious fanboy. Don't get me wrong, DC has definitely improved some. I'd even score it around a 77 score now compared to the 71 it has on Metacritic, but it's still not better then the last 3 Forza games that were released. Even Project Cars is better in many ways. We're all waiting for GT Sport now.

lol!!! No.